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headlines say it all.

From 4am on Sunday, people returning to the UK from Mexico will have to stay in isolation in a hotel for 10 days. However, the government has been slammed for giving only three days' notice of the change, with the only direct flight from Mexico City to London before Sunday on sale for a staggering £6,878. Father-of-two David Hing (centre) arrived in Mexico with his wife and children aged four and seven on July 31. They were supposed to stay until August 21 - five days before the travel list is looked at again. Mr Hing told MailOnline: ‘It broke my heart when my two little ones said they wanted to stay on holiday and would lend us money if we needed it. The notice period doesn't really give long enough to make changes especially when it's hard to get through and talk to anyone at the airlines.’ Claire, 30, from south London, said: 'I had access to the Wifi so I found out in mid air. 'It's crazy the lack of notice. I had no inkling Mexico was about to go on the red list.' Mexico is in the grip of a third wave of Covid and on Wednesday reported 20,685 new confirmed cases in the country, the highest daily jump since late January.

Solicitor Leslie Lawrenson, 58, died at his Dorset home in July, days after releasing vlogs telling viewers having Covid-19 'was nothing to be afraid of'. Recording his reaction to the symptoms, he says Covid is 'no worse than a cold'. A Cambridge University graduate, Leslie had no underlying health conditions. He previously refused a vaccine because he believed he 'did not need' one.


Scores of people swearing they should have taken the vaccine and now are dying of Covid and it is too late to save them.

Tons of stories of people realizing too late their big mistaks.

Masses of items in the news of whole states in the US not taking the vaccine and then watching as their state is swamped with the new Covid variance and hundreds are dying

And the wonderment of those anti maskers and anti vacciners who scream about the dangers of wearing a mask and one dumb cunt of an American actually claiming that this is worse than anything Hitler did in the war - and that comment deserves the speaker to be rounded up and locked away some place dark and silent until they get just how dumb they are.

As Judge Judy says:-
Beauty fades. Dumb is forever.



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