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HEATING ON - OR - HEATING OFF ( naked men in the showers )


Our hot water and heating will be on between

7 - 10am

and then between

5 - 10pm

unless we are hosting a special naked event when it will all be available for longer.

If a guest choses to shower outside of these times they may experience no hot water - or they may use up all the hot water and leave other guests, the kitchen and our ' in house' laundry in the cold and this will not be thoughtful of others.

With the current increases in gas and electric closing tens of thousands of venues - we do what we have to do to survive as a business to stay open - and we have not increased our prices to help cover these extra costs. In fact we have SPECIAL OFFERS offering reduced prices to help you afford a holiday.

All bedrooms have central heating, Double Glazing and extra blankets and even a bath robe - and if some nights are colder than others over the winter season, you have ways of staying warm.

Over 50 different hot drinks are available FREE - 24 / 7 - Self Service - If you need some inner heating.

Maybe someone below will come and help keep you warm.