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Here we go again

Here we go again. John Bellamy comments on yet another lockdown.

Once again bars are to shut - restaurants and cafes only allowed to serve 'Take Away' food.

Shops only allowed to sell necessities - So no hair salons, gyms, garden centres, open.

No hotels open except for business travellers and not for holiday makers.

No day trips. No short breaks. No weekends away. No international travel. No popping out for a day window shopping - No 10 mile hikes with the dog and no work for most people.

No time for Christmas shopping and no where to shop anyway.

Time to be responsible folks.


The reason we are going into a 2nd Shut Down is because the numbers are rising since coming out of the last lockdown, and the numbers are rising for one good reason, certain people cannot stop going to the pub, to raves, to group settings, going beyond what has been laid down in law and as suggested to help keep us all healthy and those who are now 'SUPER SPREADERS' have brought the country to another stand-still and yet will blame the government when it is PEOPLE WHO CANNOT CONTROL THEMSELVES - who are responsible for the continuing spread of Covid 19 and NOT the government.

Truth or Fake News

Who cares, the point is people are dying and however you count the numbers and as much as you want to bitch and complain like a school girlie, the world in in this panic and this panic may or may not be real, but little you with your little voice does not help if finding fault all the time when your little voice just annoys the few around you and no one is listening and all you do is create disharmony at a time when people are trying to find harmonious relations in which to survive this new lockdown without murdering someone.

Simple huh ?

Now :

No room for 'me me me' attitude.

No room for selfish behaviour.

No room for ' No one knows what I am going through.'

No room for anyone to assume they carry the biggest burden.

No room for anyone to claim they are working the hardest still.

No room for business to complain after being paid handsomely by the government.

No room for those who fight against the system.

Not now. It just bores when you realise you are bashing your head against a brick wall.

Your little voice does not help especially if screamed alone.

Always have room for different views.

Always have room for new ideas, new political ideas, council ideas, local changes to the system - and pulling together - that is for those who need a little extra something -


Means we shall see through this - together - and survive - together - and get back to work - together - and if it means a few more weeks / months - even missing part of Christmas and New Year -