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Here we go again, another rant at me for protecting my customers.

It is not uncommon for gay men to resent - envy - and to be jealous of another. It is not uncommon for them to then bitch and complain about the other person - simply out of their envy, resentment and jealousy.

We all know what I am talking about and we have all experienced this - one way or the other - at some time. Being a public figure makes you a target and there will always be those who abuse, and there will always be those who throw their own problems at others as a way of destroying someone they envy to make themselves feel better.

That just makes me laugh when someone tries it on me - as you'd better get up really early if you think you will win one over on me and take advantage, for as a retired sex worker - believe me, I am there and half way back again.

So when I get the longest e mail I have had in a very long time, and when I am accused of being anti Jew and anti people with HIV, it makes me question the mentality of the author, and that's how he really is - that's how he sees things - and how he is throwing his own stuff around, as that is not me at all and one only has to read this web site to see that. Denying people who are unvaxed and un Covid - is my legal right and one that I do to protect myself and my customers but that is not good enough for this foolish faggot - who is a disgrace to humanity with his views.

We often get silly e mails from small minde

d people showing their envy and resentment at my lifestyle and what we do here at HH - and then there are those who are just abusive, and believe me you would be astounded by some of the mental health thrown at me - so have a look at the one below, and my answer, - as some people, I swear - scream their resentment and envy for all the world to hear and his claims are completely fucked up and in error which tells me, he is not a happy man and clearly in a mess psychologically.

See what you think and my answer to him is below his.


Hello there. I am writing to you as i had discovered your website and hotel on the internet. I was very impressed at the service you offer helping the community with such an opening arm attitude.

I am a gay man myself who is HIV+, and was delighted to see how giving you are back to the community.

However i then found your very not so welcoming message on your website (which i have attached). I found that this very much goes against your own all men are welcome policy. After reading this, at first i felt quite angry and considered reporting it to the police, but i chose not to do this (even though it is illegal). I believe that in these times there is a large evil force striving to spread fear and to divide our communities. So as i believe in union and togetherness, i thought i would send you an email to try and open your mind to what you are doing and the hypocrisy of it all.

The government itself admits that these injections do not stop you from catching this virus, nor does it stop you from passing it on. So i am unsure why anybody who chooses not to be a part of this experimental (yes experimental) medication and social program is no longer welcome in your hotel.

Although i feel angry about your words, i feel love towards what you are doing, as i believe you are not aware of your actions. There is a very large mass mis-infomation scheme going on, and unless you choose to look for your own research then you are more likely to believe this web of lies. I completely accept anybody to take this experimental injection but i feel sad that you only judge character based on medical records.

You may remember during the time of the AIDS epidemic the unfair treatment we, as gay people, received. Our own people was denied to basic freedoms and adequate health care. This is the same today. By changing a few words on your document, it is no different to say that you do not accept HIV+ men in your hotel ‘to keep everybody safe’. It could also read ‘only white men allowed’ to protect your customers. ‘No Jews’ for hygiene reasons. There is no difference here. You are dividing our community and spreading hate, not love. Why waste all that we have built together?

I ask you to imagine yourself back in the time of this AIDS crisis, running your business as you do now. Did you have a sign on your window to say all HIV+ men to stay away, as they made their choice? I doubt you would’ve had this, yet you attack your community in the exactly the same way now.

As gay people we should be standing together to protect our community, not shameing those whose medical choices we may not agree with, although quite frankly is nothing to do with anybody else. As i said before, it is a fact that this injection does not stop you from catching the virus or from passing it on. So although you believe you are protecting your customers, you are doing nothing but causing more division in a time when togetherness has never been more important.

Please do not label me as some ‘anti-vaxer’. I’ve had several vaccinations in the past. This term was caused by our oppressors to create division, which is obviously working. I am a loving human being who wants nothing more than freedom for all.

I forgive you for your actions, as i know it comes from a place of love and protection, i am just hoping you wake up to the reality here that things are not what they seem. Ultimately you are free to do or say as you like, and even if you do not change this discriminative policy, i hope you reconsider your rather grotesque message on your website. I am not asking you to change your belief system, just to re-open the loving, welcoming heart that i can see you have, which seems to be deactivated by fear and is closing down.

I have attached this message on your website, along with ‘vaccine’ facts and the criminal investigation being done into this experiment.

I wish you love, success, happiness and joy. Choose life, not fear.

Thanks for reading

Matthew Hillman




My answer to him is below:

I started to read this and gave up laughing at how many errors there are.

I am REALLY not interested in what you have to rant at me Matthew.

So – I have not read most of this and just think you need to get some help.

Clearly, that – or you need to take your meds.

‘ Nurse – Nurse – He’s out of bed again and playing on the computer.’

I shall insert your rant on the Blog next week so millions of readers globally can see what I have to put up with from an arrogant fool like you.

Not helpful Matthew,.

Not supportive Matthew.

Not anything but you ranting Matthew.

Just Matthew liking the sound of his own opinions.

I am not interested in what you have to say or the way you choose to see reality.

Absolutely not interested Matthew.

I DO NOT ANSWER TO YOU MATTHEW, and just laugh at how you seem to think I do.

If you are anti vax or you have not been vaccinated, you are NOT welcome at Hamilton Hall. PERIOD.

It is also NOT illegal and you just make yourself sound so immature and uneducated by claiming it is.

Hamilton Hall is private property and like any supermarket, store or small venue, we can ban anyone we like for any reason and you, dear Matthew, needs to learn that fact.

If you do not like it Matthew, then go elsewhere as believe me, I will not miss you and having been here for 22 years next March, I do not need you and with your attitude problem, as you would spoil it for my other guests and it only takes one bad apple Matthew, and guess who that would be ?

Got it Matthew ?

Love the way you sign off… ‘Wish you love’ and how you are a loving being. What utter crap Matthew. What utter crap.

Now if I can suggest –GROW UP – oh and go fuck yourself Matthew – as with that PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE ATTITUDE of yours – please be aware - you will never be man enough .

I feel sorry for you Matthew as clearly, you need a job, something to occupy your otherwise empty time and something to keep your cognitive abilities in tune.

You must have spent ages doing all that and what a waste of time that was.

Silly boy.


I have not heard from him since and consider him quite sad, to waste so much time and to have so much in error and to rant at someone with false information just sends a loud message of how unhappy and discontent he is and IT IS NOT MY JOIB TO COUNSEL HIM, NOT MY JOB TO FIGURE HIM OUT AND OFFR HELP AND NOT MY JOB TO DO ANYTHING FOR THIS MAN, as I have my own life to live and my own guests to cater to and my own web followers and do not need heal every fucked up person who enters my world. Sometimes, you have to leave the bird with the broken wing and sometimes you do actually help, and there are times when you know your help is a waste of time, and you leave the bird to nature.

I lived, worked and Buddied all through the HIV / AIDS period from 1983 until the present day and have offered HUNDREDS OF FREE WEEKENDS HERE for those with HIV and on benefits - and went to 14 funerals in one year and was a counsellor and a bereavement counsellor to many with HIV and this Mathew, just so disrespects, it is astounding he thinks he has balls big enough. And as for being Anti Jew - I AM HALF JEWISH - YOU TURD his remarks could be considered rally offensive if I could be bothered to take it that way, but choose to se him having some kind of mental melt down - a break down, a wobble - and this is how he reacts. And I do feel sorry for him but am NOT about to offer help or ANYTHING. I DO MORE THAN ENOUGH.. AS for calling the police, how childish he really is - how foolish, how dumb of him as EVERY VENUE IN THE LAND has the legal right and the LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to ban people and bar them from entering ANY venue and there is NOTHING the police can do about it, it is PRIVATE PROPERTY and as the owner, I have rights , and if I want to ban unvaxed people, THAT IS NOT DISCRIMINATION and if you consider it to be just that, then you need help as choosing to go to the Chinese restaurant IS NOT DISCRIMINATION against the Indian restaurant next door and choosing to stay healthy and protect my guests against fools who choose to risk it and maybe catch a deadly virus, then JUST LIKE AUSTRALIA, we have the legal and moral right to not allow entry. PERIOD. Yet he assumes differently. Clearly NOT a scientist - or a doctor - an anyone with any brain cells trained in chemistry and/or vaccine manufacture - and clearly - he is as ignorant about all this as the rest of the world yet assumes he has the right to dictate to others what he considers to be right or wrong, when he is in the wrong and spewing false claims, which just - again - makes me laugh.

There are a lot of opinionated faggots out there and so often, sadly, their opinion is so warped, so out of sync and so absurd, it is sometimes a waste of time even chatting with them as they are - quite clearly - in need of something I am not prepared to take on board. That's the job of the NHS.


John: Just read the piece from the man ranting at you about God knows what and I have to ask, how do you put up with it ? How do you cope with these people constantly trying to tell you where you are going wrong - in their eyes - and constantly fining fault in this manner. I mean, he went for it John, pulled out all the stops and even down to being anti Jewish and anti people with HIV, when what plane of reality does this man live on because it certainly is not the world I know you and I share. I admire you for putting up with such arseholes John, I really do. God bless you. David B.

Thanks for the newsletter which arrived an hour ago. Read your piece about the abuser and what a nut job. His e mail goes on and on and he must have spent hours on it. Your answer - John - honestly - spot on. Love the way you read it as it is and are not afraid to tell these idiots exactly where to shove their attitude and good for you. How do you cope, is your secret drugs or meds ??? ha ha

Reading your Blog. Had to write. That man Matthew who thinks he has balls big enough to find fault with little constructive input and who has never been a guest at HH. Who the fuck John, does he think he is ? I was astounded and shocked at his mailing. Well done you telling him where to shove his hook and damned good job well done John. These screwed up mental nut jobs ruin it for the rest of us sane people. Francis.

Never written before. To anything. This article about Matthew abusing you through e mail just got me riled. WTF John ? I read and re read his email and read and laughed at how well you answered. He was so Passive Aggressive while claiming to be all about love and if anything I would say he was a DARK WORKER claiming to be from the light but, is not at all. You are best without people like him as he ruins it for others while claiming to be ' the one' - yer - the one fucked up prat desperate for attention. That's all he is John, a big fat attention seeker but with nothing constructive to say.


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