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Hilton Garden Inn Rzeszow

Hilton Garden Inn Rzeszow




At a time when thousands of families are fleeing for their lives into Poland from Ukraine and this hotel more than DOUBLES ITS PRICE to stop any refugees staying or to rip them off as they flee for their lives.
This just goes to show that Corporate America really doesn't give a fuck for people, it really is all about money.
I am disgusted at the actions of this hotel. Absolutely disgusted.

Truly the Hilton has no humanity at all and is all about corporate greed.

At a time like this - this hotel group could offer so much FOR FREE just as tens of thousands of others are doing - HELPING AS IT'S THE HUMANE THING TO DO.

ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. Clearly the Hilton is a corporate giant with no thoughts about people at all but the mighty £ and $ ONLY.

Stay some place else after this is all over. This hotel does not deserve your custom.



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