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Hospitals are dangerous places

The Yorkshire Ripper - Peter Sutcliffe - 74 - who is serving the rest of his life in jail for mudering women between 1975 and 1981 - was taken to North Durham Hospital last Sunday where he spent 5 nights and tested negative to Covid 19.

He tested positive to Covid 19 on his return to HM Prison Frankland and was re admitted the next day when his health deteriorated.

Death. Sutcliffe died in University Hospital of North Durham on 13 November 2020, where he is said to have refused treatment for COVID-19 after having previously returned to HMP Frankland following treatment for a suspected heart attack at the same hospital two weeks prior.

Now : This is not a story about Peter Sutcliffe and the crimes he did.

What this is about is how someone was taken to hospital showing a NEGATIVE result to Covid but after 5 days in hospital was found to now be POSITIVE to Covid - and what does this tell you ???




It may be no loss as this is not a decent human being and this is not someone you want to make friends with or trust alone with any women. Having piled on the lb's in hospital and suffering age related health problems, it is mysterious how he became infected while in hospital.

He was moved back to main stream prison when a few years later his mental health had improved.

So stay clear of hospitals unless you really have to or this could be you. They may claim to have found a drug to fight the virus, but people will still die in the meantime and many will suffer from Covid which could linger on for years - even after a vaccine. Hospitals, it seems, are not healthy places to visit.

John Bellamy


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