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How Americans see America.

Asking an American ' WHAT MAKES AMERICA GREAT' they tend to claim all sorts of things that are massively untrue and I can only assume the people are either just naïve or they choose to believe the lies as facts even when the truth is screaming in their face, they just HATE to be wrong. This is America, ' we are the greatest,' and when faced with the facts, they cannot accept the reality that their country is way down the list on healthcare and many other things as well. America clearly and truthfully, while being a great country, is NOT the best place to live at all.
Let's hear it from the Americans themselves, shall we, this is what many say about life in America :-
CLICK HERE and watch this outstanding clip.

' I say America is the greatest as we have democracy.'

Dumb thing to say as so does most of the world.

'America has the best health care in the world.'

No it does not. In the scheme of health care providers globally, the USA ranks 31st - behind Cuba & Slovenia, SEE THE LIST BELOW.

'America is the Land of the Free.'

So are the people in Spain, England, France, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Brazil and most countries actually have freedom. America is NOT special in this BUT at least being free in Europe ( for instance ) means you are very unlikely to be gunned down by an out of control cop with a trigger finger because you looked at him wrongly,- had a tail light out on your car or are slightly autistic - MURDERED BY COPS. Very free huh ?

'Some people say Americas greatest idea was national parks."

"Yah it’s highly commercialized, but it has preserved some awesome nature and in the US we have some of the most amazing and diverse national parks."

"We have forests with trees so big you can drive through, crazy arched rock structures you can drive through, hundred foot tall sand dunes, beautiful Jurassic park style steep mountains, arctic wonderlands, giant canyons, and so many more amazing forests mountains waterfalls deserts and so much more."

And as we all know folks, America is NOT the only country with National Parks... right ... ... but it IS the only country to allow drilling / fracking - and / or oil pipelines to run right through the middle of a National Park or even STEAL THE LAND given to various Indian tribes by past governments in order for oil and gas and this, all on reservations and National Park land.

Closets. I love all the built-in closets. I was never a wardrobe fan.'

And you chose this as what makes America great . You sad fuck.

"Separate laundry areas."

Another sad fuck.

"Accessibility of toilets is a heck of a lot better than any other country I have visited. During the day I can usually rely on finding a Target or Starbucks or something. Even if I have to buy something to use it they’re easier to find than in Europe."

Foolish thing to say as clearly this person didn't know what to look for as it wasn't in English and as we know, most Americans are crap at languages other than their own. Plus in Europe, we actually call them TOILETS and not Restrooms ( ??? )

"The casual way everyone dresses. My fashion-conscious friend is appalled but especially as a parent I appreciate that I can dash out in my pjs if I really, really need to."

How low life, going shopping in your PJ's - Have you NO respect ? Are you trailer trash ?

"Convenience. Every time I visit my family in Europe I forget that not all shops are open until 9/10 pm."

Not all shops in the USA are open until 9 - 10pm so this is a silly thing to say.

"As someone who uses a wheelchair for all ambulation, I can say the US has a leg up on that compared to the other countries that I have been to."

So you have a ' leg up huh ? - That's because you have a new country with new buildings designed for wheelchairs and where any old building is pulled down for some modern monstrosity. Try doing that on buildings hundreds of years of age - like almost all cities in Europe, and where conversion for wheelchairs is simply out of the question. Plus - So many Americans are grossly over weight the doors have to be wider to gain access so are no problems for wheel chair users.

"I can wear what I want."

Bully for you dear, so can the vast majority of people in the vast majority of countries. Clearly they didn't ask any economists or business people what they thought, just those who worried about clothing and wardrobe space.

I love the fact that we have guns here and we can go hunting and shoot things with a big rifle so big it is heavy to carry but shoots really big bullets.

Oh dear, that is shameful. That just about says it all about America huh ? Big guns but small minds. Big guns but small penis's. Big guns and mass school shootings. Big guns, and the highest murder rate in the world.

"I’ll never forget visiting my family back in Serbia and noticing how well educated everyone is, but then they end up having to work retail or manual labor jobs because there just aren’t opportunities there like there are here."

' America looks after its own.'

Tell that to the millions of unemployed in the USA who live on food stamps, or those with degrees who are flipping burgers in McDonalds - and live in trailers and vans as they cannot afford to pay rent;- and tell that to the Granny after the bank illegally foreclosed on her house and kicked her out and stole her home, which is INCREDIBLY common throughout the USA and its corrupt banking / mortgage system.