How do we answer the non believers

John: As a gay Christian, I often have a problem discussing my beliefs with other gay men as they think I am nuts to follow a God that they say hates me. What do you think is the best answer to those who find it cool or smart to say they don’t believe in God or in Jesus ?

I would have thought that anyone who says that they don’t believe in God or in Jesus is actually announcing that they do not believe in God or Jesus, that's it - nothing more :- and is as if I state how much I like / hate Marmite - nothing to go to war over - and if your interpretation is that they are bragging / showing off and trying to be cool, then I feel that is your interpretation and no one elses and maybe here, you are not offering a Christian approach ( whatever that is ) and you are offering an opinion where none was needed, so who is in the wrong here - them for saying they do not believe or you for questioniong their motives, when they have none. It appears though, that you do.

They do not care if you believe in God and Jesus as long as you do not try and deep throat them with Jesus stuff all the time, and try and shove God into all their holes as a way of you trying to convert, as is sadly all too often the case.

This is known as a 'Jesus Fuck ' and is often a dry sore fuck at that...

What gives anyone the right to assume that they are right and others are wrong ? Nothing - just ego driven arrogance and fear that they might - just might - be wrong.

Entering into lengthy and deep conversation on religion or politics is a recipe for disaster ( look at how the country fell to pieces over Brexit - and that madness only stopped because of Covid ) In certain circumstances a heated and interlectual debate is thoroughly enjoyable if both parties are willing to listen and not bully - and sometimes when these subjects are brought up, it is best to steer clear and so avoid someone getting their ire up and causing a scene, as many religious fanatics do.

Some refuse to accept the fact that you do not believe and claim you will go to hell if you do not follow Jesus and these deluded fools are just displaying their 'special needs' in the open - as - says who ??? Certainly not the Bible and certainly not the original documents the biblical writings are based on - and when Jesus says ' 'I am the way' - he does not mean him personally - he means the message he brought that we are ALL the same - regardless of race, beliefs, creed, ediucation or absolutely anything at all. Claiming God / Jesus only loves Christians and sends the rest to hell is the church damning fellow man because they have no control over them. Period.

Believing in God and / or Jesus - or any representation of a Higher Diety - is only as good as you are within that knowledge, as if you rape and murder - even in the name of your God - then your God is ashamed and horrified at what you do in His / Her name. Absolutely horified.

To answer your question, your belief - like my loving Marmite, is no one elses business and the only reason it becomes a problem is that so many Christians and people of faith, belittle non believers as if they are stupid and / or wrong, and again talk down to, act superior to, and when all is said and done --- - SAYS WHO ?

Too many Christians arrogantly assume they are right - and this arrogance does them absolutely no favours and turns millions of younsters off completelky - now that the church cannot murdere them for not following any more - as those days a behind us after miullions were butchered at the hands of the Christian and Muslim churches between them - Christians having more blood on their hands through history than the Muslims have... bay far.

A good and decent Christian, like a good and decent Muslim, like a good and decent Jew, like a good and decent non believer - are all as worthy - all as honourable and all as capable of loving as each other - regardless of anything - but some CHOOSE to use their religion to bash others and THAT IS UNENLIGHTENED and using God as a sledge hammer to beat others with - and that is UnGodly.


Your coments are invited:



John: At a dinner party a couple of years ago ( gay party ) this man turned into some vile creature from hell when the conversation - on his doing - turned to religion and after I stated I did not believe - and that was all I said - went into a tirade about how stupid, how ignorant, how wrong and how my life must be filled with pedos and drugs and murder and mayhem and I just sat there with my mouth open in astonishment, - as did most everyone else around the table, and many looked to see what my response would be and I eventually said -

'If you think you are a good example of the loving ways of Jesus and God and your religion, then believe me, Jesus and God have failed - as your behaviour is disgraceful if you actually think screaming and ranting in the manner you have - is Godly and right, because it fucking well isn't.'

He tried to shout me down and someone else interupted him stating that the louder he shouted - the more he ranted - the more he demanded and the more he belittled us, the more likely people would turn away from his Jesus and his God and his religion as being a fucked up paranoid ego centred maniac demanding attention and screaming others down who do not follow, and that was UN CHRISTIAN.

John, I cannot tell you how he went red in the face and screamed out of the party where we were all just open mouthed - everyone, regardless of our spiritual / religious beliefs, we were all stunned at the agression offered by a ' so called ' Christian who had so missed the part of the message about LOVING THY NEIGHBOUR AND NOT OFFERING A MESSED UP ATTITUDE.

He was shamed at the poarty and left soon after as no one had any time for a man who screamed at others ata pleasant evening and all over something he could not prove at all. There was absolutely no respect for others of any belief structure or nothing and he shot himself in the foot, big time. These religious fanatics pout people off, they do not attract.

Loved your editorial as always.

Chris F.


John. I was horrendously abused as a child by our local Catholic Priest here in Belfast and have never had any time for religion since. Neil -------------------------------------------

You have a great deal more sympathy and love for religions of the world than I have John. I hate with a vengance what they have done and continue to do to destroy the human soul.

Dr. John -------------------------------------------

I was Priest in Africa for a decade helping the poor and when the church found

out I was gay, and had a boyfriend of my own age ( mid 40's then ) I was treated like someone had brought dog poo in on their shoes and I was eventually fired. It took 5 long years of harrasment by various Bishops here in the UK, as I was returned home straight away and all my good work just abandoned by the church. Because of my gayness, hundreds of poor and starving people were just dumped by the Bishop at that time with not a thought for them, they were so preoccupied with where I stick my willy and what I put in my mouth than the thought of feeding the hungry and any good work was completely ignored and they tried to bring hell fire down on me because I spoke up and damned them in return for being UnChristian, and oooo they didn't like that and I was out that door so fast.... no pension or anything. I was lucky in that having an understanding family behind me, financial matters were not a problem but could have been after the church ceremonially just threw me out - while hiding tens of thousands of paedophiles who pray on the choir boys and we have all heard about God's Bankers and the murder and fraud instituted at the Vatican. I still pray and believe but not in the God or the Jesus they claim - but to the good and the clean and the holy part of God and Jesus and not the part they use to damn and destroy others like they did to me. Name withheld.


My Mother was a Magdelene Sister and abused at the hands of the nuns from when she was 7 - 14 and in her time, she knew children would ' vanish ' never to be seen again and while it was claimed these childen were adopted, she always said the beatings and the screams told another story and the newly dug graves - which the children were banned from ever speaking about, told another story. This was in Beklfast back 50 years ago or more and was discoverd in the 1990's and brought to an end, but not after thousands of innicent children had passed through these abusive nuns hands first. These evil nuns, these torturous women of ' so little faith ' who abuse and murder in the name of doing God's work, is evil in the highest form. Mother is old now with dementia but you could see the physical and emotional scars from decades ago at the hands of these nuns stayed with my Mother always.

Phil JN.


The church has - and does - offer masses of good work.

Sadly is also hides huge amounts of murderous vile work undertaken to hide secrets the church wish to keep secret and priests and nuns who abuse. All hidden under a frock of power - designed to keep the normal man scared for his spiritual soul when it is the very priest and nun who should be more afraid for their mortal soul. God watches everything. David D.






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