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How doctors receptionists are seen by the public

I was on hold to my doctors surgery for 59 minutes before someone answered.

The women was exactly the picture above.

She was a receptionist yet asked personal medical details which, when told, admitted she knew nothing about.

I pointed out that was why I was calling the doctor.

She then told me the doctor would phone me back IN 3 WEEKS TIME.

When I said that was not good enough - SHE HUNG UP ON ME.

I was FURIOUS. So I immediately ran round to the doctors surgery and someone else in the queue ahead of me was complaining about being ill and not being allowed to see a doctor for 3 weeks and the receptionist claimed she was not there to be abused, and yet was offering an abusive service in return, which is EXACTLY WHAT THEY OFFER - AN ABUSIVE SERIVCE - she then blanked the man and would have nothing more to do with him -


When I got to speak to her, I made sure my FURIOUS ANGER was held back and I was nice and sweet ( so hard - SO FUCKING HARD UNDERE THE APPALLING SERVICE PREVIOUSLY OFFERED ) and she told me to go home and that the doctor would phone me back later that morning, which he did, so

WHY WAS I BEING TOLD 3 WEEKS BEFORE - WHEN THE DOCTOR WAS FREE THAT MORNING. I still have not seen a doctor and nothing was actually achieved from speaking to him and I just had to realize the NHS is going down the toilet and blaming Covid when the shops are fully open, life is more or less back to normal and yet doctors are offering a tragically and probably criminal service to ill people and then receptionists offering a rude and condescending attitude to people stressed with ill health and THIS KIND OF DSGRACEFUL RUDE SERVICE ADDS TO PEOPLES MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS WHILE ILL .


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