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How I Cured My Siberian Husky’s Severe Separation Anxiety with CBD Oil + A Very Odd Training Hack

This is NOT my writing or my story but I do have a dog who suffers badly from SEPERATION ANXIETY if and when I go out without her, or even if I am busy and leave her with Gary my staff member whose room is directly opposite mine and Honey (my dog ) is home safe ad warm with all my things around and yet she goes crazy if I am not there. I have no idea about her last as she was a rescue - and while I have had 4 Weimaraner and 23 puppies - all of the same breed, I know the breed well and know their temperament but have never had one with such a problem as poor Honey has when I go out - which is hardly ever because of the way she behaves. When I am out with her, in the park or wherever, she is nowhere to be seen and unless I keep an eye, I could - she could - easily get lost as she really doesn't pay attention when out, but at home, if I am not around... THE FUSS...

If you’re reading this, you’re probably going through the excruciating process of dealing with canine separation anxiety. I know how hard this is. And I want you to know one thing: you can beat it.

The process I am going to share here contains pieces of advice you will hear other places, but also few very unique things that I stumbled upon that finally beat separation anxiety for good. In fact, I’ve shared this story with both dog trainers and veterinarians, and the response is always the same:

“You did what?! I’m telling my clients to try that!”

Second, know that separation anxiety is not your fault. It’s also not your dog’s fault. Separation anxiety is often the result of your dog’s environment before they came to you.

Or sometimes a dog develops separation anxiety for no apparent reason or past trauma. We simply don’t know all the reasons. But there is hope.

My Story

Meet Splash, my now 12 year old Siberian Husky rescue. Splash came to live with us 10 years ago after she was found wandering around in the mountains here in Southern California. She had no tags or microchip. I don’t know her story.

Splash was a mostly normal Siberian Husky. She liked being around people, but for the most part had no trouble being left alone in our home.

About 6 years after we adopted her, something changed. Oftentimes you hear about traumatic events that trigger separation anxiety, like a change in living situation or a move. But there was nothing like that.

All of a sudden we would come home to find her panting with drool all over the floor. That was how it started, and it was mildly annoying but not yet overly concerning. Then came the destruction.

Splash is a very agile dog, and she started jumping up on counters and knocking things over.

Then, she tore through our new plantation shutters. Ka-ching, the bills started piling up.

We tried leaving her in our backyard, thinking that would minimize the damage inside the house. But she soon learned to escape. She would scale our 6 foot concrete fence walls and get out into the neighborhood. It got so bad that I had to attach a GPS locator to her collar.

What Didn’t Work ? CLICK HERE to read the rest of this story.

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