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How Not to apply for a job.

Here are some good tips about how NOT to apply for a job.

1) Say you are VERY interested but are going on holiday for 3 weeks and can you come after that for an interview.

2) 3 weeks later when you show up for the interview, you show absolutely no interest in the venue, the host, what we do here or anything.

3) A couple of hours after arriving, you claim a friend has hurt his leg and is in hospital and you have to go suddenly - even though you were suppose to stay the night so host and you can see how you get on - as this is a live-in position and we need to connect beforehand as this is important - NON SEXUAL - but we have to chat and get to know each other.

4) The host then waits 48 hours and e mails that under the circumstances he is interviewing other people for the position as you clearly showed no interest and do not want the job.

5) Applicant e mails in return the next day to say he is interested and would like the position.

6) Host e mails in return and informs that as he is interviewing several guys over the next 3 weeks, he will let you know.

When you offer an appearance of ' no interest ' it puts employers right off. We like to feel that you WANT to work for us, that you have CHECKED OUT THE WEB SITE in advance and appreciate and value what is done here - or anywhere come to that.

I completely appreciate that people from other cultures react and behave differently, but I do feel a little excitement goes a hell of a long way and being bland and quiet with almost no reaction at all, is not the way forward. It send out a specific message of ' Don't care' or even ' Don't give a shit.'

So we are still interviewing after 3 have messed around with 2 or 3 week pauses and you REALLY do think that some people really don't have a fucking clue about how to go about things in a correct and employable manner.

So we shall see what the future holds and when during the hottest period of the year and I am ill and in bed for days struggling ( aaahhhhh I hear you say ... ) to get up and do breakfast and then collapse back in bed shivering ( yes shivering in the middle of a heat wave ) and yet also sweating profusely ( charming ) it would help to be suited.

Gary, who a lot of you know who worked here for the last 18 months, is staying on living here when he qualifies and gets a job and will help out if and when - but he is currently away for 3 weeks as there was a bereavement in the family and it was the right thing to do - and I will be damned if I will grab the first guy just because my health is bad at the moment and I need someone, I would rather wait - and have stopped offering dinners this week so I can get some time to myself and just relax and sleep a lot... something you usually do not get any time of the year as it really is - for me at least - a 13 - 16 hours a day - EVERY DAY - 7 days a week and at 67, it doesn't get any easier.

'What keeps you going John ?' I hear you say - and 'Why do you do it ? '

Because after 22 years building a business that is so adored by so many and where at least 80% of customers return, and many for decades - two or three times a year:- When you know what you have:- When you appreciate there is nothing else like it:- When you see the joy on peoples faces and when you know the positive vibe the place gives to people, THAT is why I keep going and THAT is why I shall probably grow old and grumpy ( ooooo too late... ) and will never surrender as for while I moan and groan - I absolutely love it.

John Bellamy


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