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Dear John: 'How would I become a prostitute ?'

'John: Just a short note to ask - After watching your YouTube channel about HOW YOU BECAME A PROSTITUTE, can I ask, how would I go about becoming an prostitute ?'



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Thanks for your question Gerry and please remember, I am talking about when I was a prostitute between 1985 and the year 2000 and things are very different these days.

We had no internet, few mobile phones and everything was in magazines and escort agencies .

  1. 1) Make sure it is something you REALLY want to do

  2. 2) Think it through thoroughly.

  3. 3) What would your parents / partner say if they found out ? 4) What would friends say ? 5) Work colleagues.

  4. 6) Are you going to be independent or join an escort agency ?

  5. 7) Can you see clients at home and is your home suitable clean and tidy to receive guests.

  6. 8) Does your apartment building have a doorman as this can be troublesome.

  7. 9) What are you going to do with the extra cash - and do not flash it around and spend it all.

  8. 10) Are you going to be legit and have a credit card machine as many pay with card even back then.

  9. 11) If so, you have to declare the income as all credit / debit transactions are traceable.

  10. 12) Do you REALLY have what it takes, physically, emotionally and are you strong enough to tolerate the abuse offered - largely from within the gay world ?

  1. If you already have a full time job - KEEP IT AND WORK AS A SEX WORKER EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS


  3. It keeps you legit.

  4. Keeps you paying some Tax and National insurance. Helps keep your sanity.

If you are on benefits and unemployment.

Sure - Many sex workers 'sign on' - but be aware this is illegal. To claim benefits while working, even as a hooker earning undeclared income, could land you in jail for fraud as well as tax evasion.

I have seen it happen and the silly man lost everything - served 3 years - left prison a broken man. he was 36 when he went in to prison and came out a few years later looking 25 years older.

IT IS NOT WORTH THE RISK and before you think you can claim benefits and still work as a sex worker - just think about all those jealous queens, vicious faggots and the vile side of gay life - and think about all those who will resent and will shop you to the authorities as fast as they can - jealous and resentful - so take extra care - keep your big gob shut and tell no one UNLESS YOU ARE COMPLETELY LEGIT, AS I WAS and then FUCK 'EM.

Be prepared for a backlash from many in the gay world who find out. There is a LOT of resentment and the worst, the very worst back then, was the gay media.

Gay Times and Pink Paper were always bad. Absolutely no respect, just a condescending, patronising manner and considering back then the escorts and masseurs paid their entire printing costs for the magazine, our income was vital for their survival as a business. Sex workers adverts are always 3 times more than for any other business.

Bryan Derbyshire and his HIM MAGAZINE decades ago - was always very fair, professional and thoughtful towards their advertised masseurs and escorts .

'After 30 years of advertising with us John, don't you understand we would offer you no more respect than had you been a first time advertiser.'

were the last words spoken to me by a staff member in Advertising at Gay Times - and my reply,

'Then in that case, here is an advertiser of your publication,- every issue for 30 years, 30 YEARS - - Display and lineage adverts, tens of thousands every year in advertising revenue from me - and I now realise Gay Times and its staff are all just FUCKING CUNTS if that's your professional opinion of a customer.'

And that was my last contact with Gay Times and that was around 2005 ?

Now imagine the attitude you get from others !!!

You need a certain level of toughness and resilience


it'll help keep you together.


Check out the Internet agencies.

There are tons of gay escort agencies and even sites where you can advertise yourself - if you have a phone number you can use - and you just need to pay for an advert and then hope for the best. Do NOT expect to do as many clients as I did in a week as the business has exploded since the internet and now every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks they are good enough to sell their body for sex and the market is swamped with people working the business - or trying to - and sadly, many though are just not good enough.

It's a fantasy for many but in a nut shell, is not a business for everyone.

You may have the body of a God - but if your head is in the wrong place you will end up really fucked in the head and a mess.

You may have your head on straight and be perfect for the business, but physically not have anything to offer and be all wrong.

You may have the body of a God;- have your head on straight:- have everything together but you are crap at person to person skills.

You may also have it all together and only want cute clients ( appalling - absolutely appalling ) and turn away the not so cute ones and you MOST CERTAINLY will not last long if you offer that kind of attitude.

Are you a VICTIM - and see no other way forward in your life and sex work is all that is left - because if that is the case, the business will destroy you very quickly in all ways, mind, body and soul.

It is important to know who you are as a strong person and never loose touch with that. Clients play with your head and it can lead to a lot of fucked up sex workers.

If you have a partner, what do you think he / she will say when they find out ?


and set guidelines for what you are prepared to do and STICK TO IT.

I hope I have not put you off as it can be a wonderful job and you meet a lot of very nice people, even if not your type.

Ay time you seriously consider this, do talk to me first, let me get a gauge of you as I can tell straight away whether you'll end up a fucked up mess in two years or financially well off and AOK.

Pictures that accompany this article - do not assume these guys are sex workers of any kind,. These are just random pictures off the internet.

ANY MAN, ANY AGE, CAN SELL SEX. It is NOT all the cute young things and smooth or hairy, young or old, hung or not, passive or active - there is a market for everyone out there.


John Bellamy

'A tart with a heart of gold. '

Any errors in this piece, please let me know and I don't mean just a spelling mistake.

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Hamilton Hall Productions.

All rights reserved.


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