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How would you describe your life ?

In one sentence or less, how would you describe your life.

I saw a film some time ago - i think it was ' The Mummy' where there was this old army type living in Egypt and he was - kinda - from a bygone era. He was killed in the film and before he died he said -

' Well that was a terribly good adventure.'

and it really moved me. I had to rush and write it down as it really moved me.

When, at the end of your life you reflect on what has been, and if you can say ' well that was a terribly good adventure' ;- then I think you have lived a life - done something with your life, had fun, had adventures, lived 'on the edge' and stood out - been your own person and fought your own fights and came out the other side - crying - laughing - at wonder with the world and the universe and - thankful, then I feel like the old boy in the film, you can die happy knowing you actually LIVED - and didn't just plod your way through the same boring routine every day and died with regrets, died bored, died wishing and hoping - instead of being able to say -

'Well that was a terribly good adventure...'

So what would you say - what words of wisdom or regrets would you use to sum up your life ?


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