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I am drowning in bull shit.

We live in a world dominated by those who are full of bull shit.

This is an example from the delivery company dpd in an e mail concerning the delivery of stuff ordered on-line for home delivery.

'By choosing to have your parcel delivered straight to your nearest DPD Pickup shop, you will save CO2 meaning this is the best option for our planet.'

WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS. This is the best option FOR THEM as we pay for delivery to our door and not to some collection point, so they are conning us out of our postage fees and lying to us about the reasons. So they would rather 20 or 30 people get in their cars and drive to a collection point, rather than one vehicle transporting everyone's packages for them saving the planet absorbing 30 vehicles exhaust compared to just one. Plus it means one less driver - or to put it another way - one less employed person now claiming unemployment. through there now being no job for them.

We were repeatedly bullshitted / lied to concerning a ( singular ) Downing Street Party and it turns out there were several parties of which our dearly beloved prat of a PM ;- B-B-B-Boris - attended and thought they were business meetings and this kind of bullshit absolutely insults my intelligence when he assumes we are all thick as planks and will believe his bullshit.

It's absolute bollocks.

This completely proves that some of these inbred upper class toff are just fools, idiots, well educated by absolute morons and if I may be so bold, seem to have a wee bit of Aspergers going on in there - as all too often, as in Boris's case, he absolutely didn't get it and just marches forward lying through his teeth and we, the people, KNOW HE IS LYING but he just carries on lying and bullshitting and I assume he thinks he is getting away with it, that we are all buying into his BS and that is where the real insult comes, he assumes we are so stupid as to believe his crap.

Many followed the Covid rules to the letter and many could not see dying friends and relatives at a time when we were being told to stay away, stay safe, stay at home, not party;- and then the very man who made these rules, betrays them time after time and then lies through his arrogance - as he clearly thinks he can do what he likes and that we will believe his bullshit.




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