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I can't be bothered any more, not really.

Many of us have suffered during the last - almost two years of Covid and our mental health has suffered due to too much telly - too much smoking or drinking and where many have found themselves not as sharp and as ' on point' as they use to be.

Personally, I say I am going to ' go chill for the evening' - and watch Netflix until past 1am and then awake each morning at 7am even if I do laze there for another hour - wide awake and where my mind is racing overtime - hence I have to get up...

Many stopped showering as often, deciding on a stand up wash at the sink and wearing the same underwear and clothing around the house for weeks on end, and many have been sleeping in the same sheets for months - have not cleaned up behind themselves or done any laundry or even, come to that, ironed a shirt in months, and peoples personal hygiene and daily routines have been affected by - not having to - now worrying what others will think or having to look smart for work.

Getting back into the routine that was part of our daily lives but so soon forgotten, brings us back ' on point' and returns us to where we were at before all this happened and it will take years - many years - for the world to get over this mess, not just financially, but mentally, emotionally and in hundreds of ways.

Take the supply chain.

One boat blocks a canal and the whole world seems to grind to a halt.

Britain gave companies years notice to train new staff for when we left the EU, and yet these companies played deaf and did nothing and now we have a lorry driver shortage because companies never planned for the ' in case ' scenario - which was CLEARLY WARNED TO BUSINESS and I can even remember the TV adverts, so the UK companies are partly to blame for NOT planning ahead and being prepared.

China is in trouble. As who wants to buy Chinese goods coming from China these days. China - it is thought - gave the world Covid and Sar's before it and it is seriously considered that - sadly - this will happen again and we will not learn fuck all from all of this and governments like China will allow it to happen again - will not close these markets down - will do precious little to protect the world from this and IT WILL happen again.

Russia is saber rattling and looks to be seen as World War Three could come out of this.

The Climate is fucked and governments play lip service and insult us with their non action.

Prince Andrew could be going to jail - unless he pays his way out of this and if he does, then - sadly - that's a sign of guilt. If innocent, which I believe him to be as she was of legal age in the UK and all this about how she was brought here - WHERE WERE HER PARETS OR GUARDIAN ??? ( Probably too busy counting the money earned at selling their daughter ... ) and as a healthy young man whose sex life is MASSIVELY RESTRICTED BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE , he must have thought it was Christmas when this women was presented to him and in the pictures, she was all over him, and why not - she was haveable and he was a prince.

As for that other fat ignorant cunt, - and no I am not talking about B-B-Boris but T-T-Trump.

He is still ranting about loosing the election and it rally is sad and pathetic to see - after so long - him crying and sniveling and moaning like a spoiled little brat - because he lost and if ever the world had a LOSER - a MASSIVE LOSER - it is Donald Trump - and he doesn't like it as this is probably the first time anyone has told him to FUCK OFF DONALD - and where the people have shown they DO NOT LIKE A LYING BULLY.

Afternoons are not meant to be sat watching the telly before cooking dinner

/ tea - and then evenings doing the same. Afternoons are usually a busy time for me yet, I can't be bothered.

I can't be bothered with a lot of things and - maybe - when the sun shines and the temperature outside means we can do some gardening and clearing up and keep the old noddle busy - the brain thinking - instead of going brain dead n front of the telly all the time.

Work - oh there is work to do, but as I say, I can't be bothered.

Is that you as well...

I am at home, very little to challenge except the odd dummy sending me an insulting e mail and that gets my brain thinking, but otherwise, not a lot.

Can't be bothered.

But I can be bothered to send out this Blog each week and answer the hundreds of e mails received afterwards and the charming and sweet things you all share with me. I could do some decorating today, if I can be bothered... ha ha

John Bellamy


"I can't be bothered" touched me. It's all around me, it's me myself.

Wishing you enough vision of a future to start being bothered again. I know I'm trying.

Kiss A. Loved your piece on Not Being Bothered. How true. Got to get my umph back. Lost it this last couple of years in lockdown. Lost the passion,. Your Blog helps keep me in touch and sane. Travis

Thank you John for being bothered to send out this wonderful Blog Newsletter. I am an avid reader and love what you do. Well done. Terry.




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