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‘I Dare You to Deny Me Communion’: 60 Democrats Blast Bishops for Move to Punish Biden by ‘Weaponizi

‘I Dare You to Deny Me Communion’: 60 Democrats Blast Bishops for Move to Punish Biden by ‘Weaponizing’ Eucharist

Published on June 18, 2021 at 05:21 PM ET By David Badash

They were warned. Before their three-day meeting that culminated Friday with a vote to move toward denying America’s second Catholic President, Joe Biden, communion over his stance of supporting a woman’s right to choose an abortion, the Vatican told the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to not politicize communion or other sacraments.

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They did it anyway, and now powerful Democrats – and many others – are furious. “Next time I go to Church, I dare you to deny me Communion,” U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu, a Democrat of California, and a Catholic, with a massive 1.6 million followers on Twitter, threatened the Bishops.

His comments were in response to Friday’s news of the USCCB’s politically-motivated decision, and in response to SiriusXM host Michelangelo Signorile, who asked if other Catholics will be denied communion over their “sins.” Signorile pointed to Newt Gingrich, whose history includes adultery, divorce, and re-marriage. Gingrich’s wife was President Donald Trump’s Ambassador to the Vatican.

Another California Democrat, Rep. Jared Huffman, suggested the church should lose its tax-exempt status.

Lieu and Huffman were far from the only Democratic lawmakers to speak out against the USCCB’s move toward denying communion to politicians who support abortion rights. “We believe the separation of church and state allows for our faith to inform our public duties and best serve our constituents,” 60 House Democrats said in a three-page “Statement of Principles” letter released Friday afternoon.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is central to the life of practicing Catholics, and the weaponization of the Eucharist to Democratic lawmakers for their support of abortion is contradictory.”

And they carefully noted the hypocrisy of the Bishops, who have never even suggested denying communion to Republican lawmakers who support the death penalty or engage if the separation of families at the border and caging of children. “No elected officials have been threatened with being denied the Eucharist as they support and have supported policies contrary to the Church teachings, including supporting the death penalty, separating migrant children from their parents, denying asylum to those seeking safety in the United States, and denying rights and dignity to immigrants.” Some other prominent House Democrats who signed on to the letter include Cheri Bustos, Joaquin Castro, Gerry Connolly, Rosa DeLauro, Debbie Dingell, Ruben Gallego, Marie Newman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jackie Speier.


John BellamyComments:

So there you have it. The Catholic Church is throewing its weight behind those who deny anything the church does not agree with and this is taking a political stand which the church is not suppose to do.

Denying someone Communion is playing God. It is saying we knoW what is best - We know how to Govern -We know what truths muSt be shared and which must be held back - It is saying that what the Bible states must be followed while tens of thousands of Priests are hidden by this very same organisation ( The Vatican ) for molesting, raping, abusing, beating, cruelty, murder ( mass murder ) and more alnd largely aimed at children and very few are found and prosecuted - as most are hidden away by the church to protect the church and save ots priests all ending up in prison and the church loosing billions oin compensation claims against it.

This is the organisation who is denying the President of the United States - Holy Communion because he supports Womens Rights - and this male dominated - women hating - organisation based on LOVE - ( well aint that a joke ... ) is wrong to deny anyone anything as what gives them the right and PLEASE do not say the Pope is God's Right Hand Man here on Earth as I have heard that clap trap before:-

The Pope shits, he picks his nose, he masturbates, he farts, he is a human being and no more God's representative on Earth any more than any one of us,- as we are ALL God's representatives, every single one of us and the church fears that - so seperates us through denying truthful religious input and dominates through fear.

In the old days if the church denied you Communion you were considered spiritually dead and not allowed into Heaven which was an awful thought for ignorant people centuries ago who seriously thought that the alternative was going to Hell ( which does not exist ) and this fear was instilled into the people to keep them following the church and the Biblical trusths which were largely made up or massively edited by men to say what they wanted it to say , which is far from what it originally stated as truths.

The Catholic Church IS WRONG TO DENY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES HOLY COMMUNION and this will be just another sign to the masses just how evil, how twisted, how manipulative and how they wish to remain current, relevant and politically powerful in a world that largely no longer wants / needs a Catholic religion after we hear about the mass murder, genocide, torture and brutality that has been done - and continues to be done, in the name of the Catholic Church - the largest organisation who have gotten away with horrors for a very long time and sadly, and incorrectly - all in the name of God.

God must be really pissed off all this is being done in His / Her name ... I bet S/He is FURIOUS... !!!

More to the point, I bet God is desperately saddened to see what the chutrch has done in His / Her name.


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