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I have never hated anything my whole life

It seems there are many on the LGBTQ scene who live, eat and breath their hate for someone, some others, or a group or organisation, and they thrive through their hate rather than live with their love and compassion, and this is so sad. Too many hateful gay men throwing their shit at other gay men and we all know the reasons why ?

I have had my haters since opening.

I have never met these people and they do not know me from Adam - but they know of me - and that - to them, is enough to piss them off.

I have learned that there will always be those who wish to damn and destroy - anything - regardless of what it is - if they resent - if the envy - if they are jealous and if it is not theirs and they are not responsible and it is not them, as they see it, being admired and respected.

( Maybe that's because they offer nothing to respect or to admire and that is up to them... Not me...)

They hate because someone else is doing something they wish they were doing.

They hate because someone else is doing what they cannot afford to do.

They hate because someone else is doing what they do not have any idea about but will still find fault.

They hate - quite simply - because they envy the lifestyle of someone else and so will try and destroy rather than support - and they are the saddest of people who feel their life is a waste of time, rather than making good and enjoying what they do have to offer. And let's face it, we all have our telent, our 'party piece' and it is up to us what we do with it, or not.

Resenting others is common within the LGBTQ world and with so many still living the lie - still living in the closet - still afraid to ' come out' even in the 21st century and still afraid to be honest to their wives and / or famiy and admit to being gay - and so they damn and try and destroy those who are out and proud and someone like me, running my own gay mens business, many will resent that.

No One has to ' come out ' as it is a personal journey but when the lie begins to hurt all concerned, then the time is right.

Right from the start it was shocking to me how many gay mens organisations - often run by volunteers, still resent and still envy and still try and destroy while offering their members nothing at all during this pandemic and then when things recover, think they can just pick up where they left off - and people do see and comprehend.

Those who have - from the start, tried to destroy my business here at Hamiltoin Hall - must be as mad as hell as I am still here and Hamilton Hall is doing better than ever and having just celebrated 21 years in business - it must fry their asses we are doing so well and we are so loved by so many.

I love it , I love to imagine how pissed they are every time my Blog goes out and yet they are receiving nothing from the other groups for gay men - and hardly anything offering support and laughter during these trying times.

It must really annoy to see someone offering somethng from the heart and those who question that just show us all how they cannot understand someone working from the heart as - they don't have one.

Love is easy.

Hate is not.

Hate takes constant work while love is just a way of being...

So it is actually easier to love than it is to hate.

I have never hated anything my whole life.

I even love Marmite.

I even love those who leave negative reports on Trip Advisor as it makes me laugh and by answring the complainers, and where people often read the negative reports first as they are usually a lot more laughs, people are not stupid and can see through the 'half empty' people and can see who is the ' half full' one in the moment.

There will alwyays be those who will try and put you down - and there will always be those fucked up people destroying anything of breauty - because they can, and there will always be those who follow that line while there will always be those who do not and who can see and make judgement for themselves and show some common sense and move beyond the dammers and we have a huge number of those who come here and many have done so for decades.

So - W hy do so many resent others for their life choices. Whjy do so many pull things apart that they actually love, but cannot abide someone else at the helm. Why is that ?

Many may feel their life is a failure - that they have achieved little, that they want to be known but are not, would like to be the star of their own production but where others - like family - put a stop to it - and where m,any are not supported enough to be able to pull it off - when you do not need the support of others, you just need to believe in yourself AND THAT is why so many resent - they have so little faith in themlslves and anyone acting differently - is frowned upon and called ' Big headed ' - Conceited - Arrogant - pr even - Opionated - and all for standing up and dping and saying their own thing and not following the mass liek others and leading their own path, their way.

It's the same with sex. There will always be those who envy super hung men and they bitch and fight against while absolutely wanting - desperately - for a dick that size either to play with or for themselves, and this reaction is childish as we all have what we have and we all make do with what we have and we all enjoy what we have, in our own way, and being envious of others sends a message that you don't like your own body which is a shame as everyone is a thing of beauty, shame they cannot see that in themselves.

Love is so much easier and hating is so negatie and harmful on the soul.

So see the best in yourself and the best in otjhers and do not resent, admire. Do not hate - Love. Do not resent - look up to - and your journey will be much lighter.



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