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'I'll come next year' - does not help.

I keep hearing from various people how they want to come to Hamilton Hall but will wait until next year when they want to attend a certain event that is being hosted several times THIS YEAR but after asking all about THIS YEARS events, decide that NEXT YEAR would be better for them.


Not sure if people assume we are made of money or that this pandemic has not affected us like it closed thousands of other small venues - closed hundreds of corporate giants and closed tons of shops on the High Street as well as a multitude of business' CLOSED through lack of income, customers, bookings and revenue that is much needed to stay solvent.

Saying they will come next year does not help us stay open THIS year.

One customer asked if he could use our facilities during the day to hang out naked while staying at a hotel elsewhere paying £200 a night B&B with dinner a £50 tab on top of that and then complains when I say he can attend but pay £15 for the day with refreshments etc.

He flipped his lid. Ranted at me. Absolutely ranted down the phone at me.

Wrong person to try that with as I DO NOT TOLLERATE BAD MANNERS. So I told him to sling his hook and to fuck off with his attitude.

He seemed COMPLETELY DUMBFOUNDED - ASTONISHED - and only when I drove the nail into the coffin lid by telling him how he was NOT SUPPORTING A GAY VENUE BUT A STRAIGHT HOTEL - not spending anything here and then expect to come and cruise the venue all afternoon naked and begrudged paying us anything towards the costs - drinks - towels - showers - spunk on the carpet - shit stains of couch - heating on - besides the legal requirements and licenses etc. which all have to be paid for - as it all needs paying for and yet he absolutely ragged at me because he felt 'ENTITLED' to come here and do what he wanted - when he wanted - with who he wanted - and I told him he could sling his hook if he thought he was going to come in here for free AS WHY SHOULD I SUBSIDIZE HIS SEX LIFE AT MY EXPENSE ?

Sadly - he absolutely didn't get it and just kept making excuses and like Judge Judy, I had to cut him off after a while by stating my point of view again and saying that if that was how he felt the gay scene was here for him and all for free, then he would NOT BE ALLOWED AT HAMILTON HALL and even if he goes to the sauna he will have to pay £18 to get in - and he didn't like it.

So it seems it's okay to stay somewhere else paying 3 times a night what we charge ;- It's okay to support some anonymous corporate giant hotel with hundreds of branches all over the country - but not in his range of vision to actually help and support the gay world that is struggling and working long hours for no reward and his insulting behaviour makes us all wonder WTF we do it for, cos it sure 'aint for the money.

If you do not support anything in life, why should you expect to get anything to support you in return ?

If you want to dabble in and out of the gay world then be aware that that is absolutely okay as many gay men are married and have to keep it private and not stay at a gay venue as that could cause problems, but DON'T expect to use us if and when it suits you and then not want to pay, not want to support - you just want cock and that's it.

And what astounds, is that some think this okay and - well - why not ?

Many married men who are gay are like this. They do not support - they use - and are then rude to those offering the service .

It astounds, it really does.



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