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I love interesting people

I have met some interesting people during my 67 years on this planet.

All sorts. All shapes and all sizes. I have chatted to homophobes and bigots.

Racists and Covid Deniers.

Bigots and liars.

I have also spoken with educated people.

Brilliant sometimes.

Some wonderfully interesting people who keep my attention for a long time.

Some have a story to tell.

Some do not. Some have degrees up the gump stump ( gump stump - means to have excess of something...)

and I have enjoyed conversations with Priests and Bishops, Members of Parliament, Corporate leaders, people with an education miles beyond little old me, and I have had some of the best conversations with factory workers, lorry drivers and blue collar people - and sometimes they have the best stories to share - and I have always - ALWAYS - managed to 'keep up' and not be swamped by someone else - as some try to do - and life has introduced me to some truly amazing people.

One of these is Michael Shrimpton.

I always look forward to his visits as I know it will NEVER be boring and while some of what he says - is questionable - it is interesting to hear alternative truths - as I do love a good conspiracy theory.

Then there are the dangerous nuts who make all sorts of claims and accusations that cause trouble and get others as well as themselves into trouble, and still do not see how dangerous they are.

Maybe some times the truth needs to hurt and be questioned as no one should EVER just blindly believe without at least questioning, checking out the internet, read some books, find out for yourself and never let your brain go to mulch... and a good conspiracy theory certainly gets the juices flowing.

See what you make of this interview with Michael Shrimpton.



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