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I'm being sued by LGBT FREE zone.

My name is Jakub, but my friends call me Kuba. I am a 40-year-old gay man and I live in an "LGBT-free zone" in Poland. That means that my region signed a resolution that allows them to discriminate against LGBT+ people like me.

When this happened, I knew I could not stay silent.

And I wasn't alone. I met three other activists on the internet who wanted to do something about "LGBT-free zones", too.

We wanted to draw attention to what was going on in our country. So we started collecting information about the resolutions and published it online on an interactive map.

We called it the "Atlas of Hate".

The authorities in "LGBT-free zones" did not like that. And now, they are trying to shut us down once and for all by suing us and asking for ridiculous retribution payments.

Six municipalities are suing us so far and if they are successful, more will follow.

They work with lawyers from Ordo Iuris, an ultra-conservative group that is infamous for supporting cases against LGBT+ and women's rights. They use scare tactics to intimidate us, like sending the lawsuit documents to our workplaces, to make us look bad in front of our colleagues and superiors.

They're so scared of us four activists, they're doing everything to stop us in our tracks.

But there's reason to be hopeful.

As you may have heard, last week the European Commission started an infringement procedure against Poland, to hold the government accountable for their violations of LGBT+ rights.
They are doing this, because people across Europe and the world are speaking up about "LGBT-free zones".
Here at Atlas of Hate, we will continue to work hard to make all the information about these attacks on LGBT+ Poles accessible to the public.
But we need your help so that we can survive this far-right conservative onslaught on our project.

Thanks for going All Out! Kuba Gawron, Atlas of Hate



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