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I paid for sex / naked men are so attractive.

Married for over 40 years.

Two grown up daughters.

3 Grandchildren.

Now retired and have a very good pension.

No complaints.

But for the last 40 years - other than when we were trying for children, the sex life has been appalling.

Wife just not interested the minute she got that gold band on her finger.

It changed that very night.

It never improved.

Over the years she knew it was a problem but she simply didn't care. She knew I was not the sort to go out and look for it elsewhere - She knew I was a gentle man who would 'go along' an suffer in silence.

She had everything she ever wanted - husband, house, kids, 2 cars, mortgage, cat and a dog and that's all she cares about. Actually having sex with said husband was NOT on her agenda.

I was very bitter and angry for a long time. Other than a quick wank in the shower, there simply was no sexual contact at all and if even I wanted to wank in bed beside her, she would throw a fit and tell me to grow up and treat me as like a child. This added to my fury and it is no wonder I never reacted out of anger and frustration and instead, when there was a spare bedroom in the house as the first daughter had moved out - I took it for my own room and we have slept apart for the last decade and at least I can have a wank in private without being condescended to like a child.

That attitude always really got my goat.

She never really cared though as long as she was happy, fuck anyone else. If I left - she would get the house, the car, the kids and everything and I would be in a bed sit - so she was always in a win win situation.

Started using gay escorts discretely in the 90's and have done so ever since. She has never known but does know I have a friend who lives in London I visit every month or so, and what she thinks is up to her.

There is no one person I see, as I see many different escorts - and some are good and some are really bad, but the whole sexual experience, the excitement knowing I am going to be naked with another man - with no problems attached - is such a turn on and even when a bad escort, I still manage to have fun.

Found a brilliant one a few years ago and saw him a lot but a punter of his died and left a small fortune to this guy and he packed up and returned to the north where he was from and never saw him again. Absolutely good for him. made his money and left the business. But it left me trying to find another good escort which I am still searching for, but still enjoying myself while my wife, bless her, dries up like the Sahara and about as barren as the moon surface.

My married life would never have survived had I not been able to use a prostitute to relieve myself.

Hope this is suitable. Martin:


Paid for sex a few times. First was awful. He was not at all as advertised and I refused to pay him and he agreed. Complained to the web site and they took him down. If you weigh 25 stone you do not claim to be athletic and slim. If you have a 4 inch willy you do not claim it is 9 inches. Awful waste of my time. Met a few other bad ones but not as bad a shim, and since there are some good ones also, I keep trying. Josh

Told the prostitute I just wanted to worship a big dick and eat a hairy ass. He took me into his room and within a minute I was sucking on his giant dick. Within a few more minutes I have this incredible hairy ass sitting on my face. Absolutely perfection. He was so good as well, knew exactly how to tease and play the sex game and I have wanked so many times remembering. Met a few awful ones as well though. Just remember him as the very best. Rob.

Told the guy what I wanted on the phone. He said no problem. Arrived and he was all ready - and the scene started right at the front door of his flat. He took me through to a kind of sex room which just added to the thrill and he played the game, lived the part I had asked for, brilliantly all the way through and even earned a tip a the end. Best £150 I have ever spent. Teddy.

Being married, seeing a prostitute is so much easier and convenient. Found it is a very mixed bag though of down right awful to the occasional ( but sadly rare ) really good one. Wife was never interested and did missionary position and that was all she was offering - ever - so play away and this keeps us together or I would have gone years ago. Walter.

I am gay. Bored with meeting guys in bars or saunas for sex as most are crap sex - a waste of my time and it is no different on grindr - too many tossers, time wasters and fantasists - so pay for sex and get what I want. Had a few negative experiences but a few good ones as well. It is just convenient, discrete and easy.


I came to see you once John. In London. You had that house with a dark room at the top, Freaked me out a bit at first but was so exciting, that sex room you had. Totally dedicated to carnal pleasures and boy you were good. I remember you fucking with with your big dick and those huge balls of yours all at the same time. I've never forgotten and never repeated and live with that amazing memory - of you.


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