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I salute this Mother - but am disgusted at this other woman's actions.

This Mother is a hero. At probably the worst time in her life when her kids were at serious risk of being brutally murdered and where the police are standing around doing absolutely nothing to help but handcuffing and in another case, pepper spraying parents who are screaming at the police to do something, this Mother took matters into her own hands and - well - read below and admire this women's strength and capacity for bravery where the lives of her children are at stake.


This women below - Amber Heard is a disgrace to women everywhere

screaming how she had been abused by her husband while it was her who was the abuser and him the victim. She has destroyed the ability for women to complain of genuine abuse as now it will always be judged by the outcome of this lying, manipulative abuser - Amber Heard - and this will set women's right and women's ability to seek help if and when needed - back decades. Many women manipulate the truth to suit themselves and just as many women abuse men as men abuse women but women love to scream about it and scream how they were afraid for their lives and how they are the victim - while men are ashamed and stay silent for looking like less of a man who lets a woman abuse them - and women are much more manipulative than most men. Genuine abuse - of either sex - is wrong and the ability to speak up has been tarnished by this women's actions.

This women is a disgrace and I sincerely hope this shows her up for what she is - a lying, twisting nasty bit of work who planned the abuse to suit herself and her career and bank balance.

She wanted a global stage - well she sure got it but will be the one being booed at the end and destroyed for her performance that has disgusted millions.

Johnny Depp won the case and she was shown to be a lying abuser.

Johnny Depp, 58, rose from a child star to become one of the best-paid actors in the world.

He is said to have amassed a salary of more than $300m (£240m) from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise alone.

His net worth is currently estimated to be about $150m.

Amber Heard, 36, has made a name for herself in movies like Aquaman and The Danish Girl, but her fledgling career had only recently begun to take off.

Her current net worth is unclear, but it is significantly lower than that of her well-known ex-husband. Some sources say it is around $8m, while other sources report it may be in negative territory.

Given that Depp has been awarded over $10m (£8m) in damages, Heard could be facing a major financial hit from the trial.





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