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I was such a fool and you warned me.

By Adrian W. I was conned out of £110,000 by someone in Ghana and now I feel such a fool. John Bellamy - You warned me and it caused me to stop coming to Hamilton Hall. I was really angry at you for lecturing me about being foolish and thinking some hot stud from Ghana would be in love with me and want to come and live with me and want to spend his life with me and I fell for all the stupid lies an BS and I paid out over a 3 month period just over £110,000.
You were totally trying to help me wake up before I foolishly lost my heart to a con man and yet, I turned against you and towards the con man and now feel so foolish.
Now I have to admit, you were right and I was such a fool.

I am still alone and now my life savings have gone.

If you remember me showing you a picture of a really handsome and hung like a donkey guy in Ghana I was writing to - ( pictured left - which isn't even the man I eventually met .) You told me I was an old fool to believe this was genuine and I was so hurt. You told me he was only after my money and possibly immigration into the UK but more than likely, just my money and I would not hear it.

You were so kind and gentle with me but I was not hearing a word. I wanted praise and not being told it was fake. I wanted to believe it was true as I wanted him to be really in love with me. I wanted it to be real. I wanted you to be pleased for me. I wanted the world to know someone was paying me attention and who said he wanted to be with me. I fell hook line and sinker as he said all the right things. I now realize he was probably reading from a script.

I felt so insulted at your lack of consideration that someone would actually want me, for me, a 59 year old over weight man with a pretty average uncut dick and nothing special to look at - and a retired railway worker because of ill health and on a small pension from work and other than some savings from my Mothers estate after she died, I was alone and unhappy. That's when I came to Hamilton Hall for a number of years prior to meeting him.

He started e mailing and saying how he found me on line and wanted to get to know me better, and we had wonderful chats through e mail for almost 3 moths before he started asking for cash.

Originally it was just £500 to pay his rent as we went forward with him saying he would like to come to the UK and meet with me as he had nothing left in Ghana after his whole family were killed and that was the second time he asked for money to bury his parents, two sisters and a brother all - supposedly - killed when their home caught fire. He said they would be given a paupers burial if I didn't help and - I helped.

So that was the first big cheque for £20,000 and I can honesty say I did believe him. He seemed so truthful and broke down on the phone talking of his loss and my cheque book was out so fast. He came over as trustful and confessed how much he loved me for helping in this way. He claimed he was having a really hard time getting use to being there alone with no family left and there were taxes to pay on the fathers estate and - you guessed it, I paid that as well and that was £33,000 - and I know - FOOL..... but I sent another amount through to help him. This is where the story gets worse John and I have to admit I am so ashamed for being such a nob.

I flew to Accra, the capital of Ghana and although he said it was not a good idea and kept trying to talk me out of it - he said he would meet me at the airport.

He didn't.

I waited for hours in case he was late and eventually took a cab to the hotel and thought maybe he would turn up there.

He didn't.

I was in the hotel for 5 days before he turned up and I was climbing the walls - and as by now I was suspicious, he was nothing like his pictures at all and came with some friends who robbed me blind. They took everything but my passport and clothes and all my travellers cheques for the trip and credit cards were taken and I was left crying and sobbing alone - and whoever he was - just left and I never saw him again.

His e mail address was a hot mail account and closed.

I had never felt so foolish and down as I did then, having to get myself home with precious nothing.

Everyone said I should have gone to the police in Ghana but I just wanted to bury my head in shame and grief and get home to cry in my own bed and feel miserable at home. To wake up to what had happened.

Heartbroken and feeling so foolish. So foolish that I should think someone would be interested in me. I dived right deep into depression after that.

It gets worse John.

By the time I got home and reported the cards stolen was nearly 5 days later and he had almost emptied all my savings through the card and I only have myself to blame. YOU WARNED ME.

The bank were not interested in helping but then, that's to be expected from the HSBC and in all I lost just over £110,000 and now I have nothing left in savings and rely totally on my small pension. My parents worked so hard for so many decades to pay for that house, and when they died I sold it and put the money in the bank to help in my retirement and now, the whole lot has gone and I feel my Parents anger even though they are both dead and I feel their annoyance at how hard they worked and some thief in Ghana is benefitting from all their hard work.

I am a desperate old fool. I fell for the handsome face. I fell for the kind words. Someone was actually interested in me for a change. I felt important and didn't want to believe it to be fake. I wanted to be loved. I wanted to love in return. I just wanted what millions have, a partner - someone to cuddle at night and be with, and foolishly although you warned me, you were right.

So now I feel so unloved, unworthy, and broke. So my warnings are if someone pays you attention, do as you said to me at the time John, ask yourself

' What can I do for you ?'

and always suspect others motives until proven to be genuine. I am at a loss and worse off than ever.

Thanks for listening John and I wanted to apologise to you as you were right and I flopped you off and stopped coming to HH and now cannot even afford to come, but wanted to say ' You were right - I was the fool ' and to say thank you John. You tried to wake me up but I chose to ignore you. You are very blessed John. Blessed and wise. Adrian W.