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Is America racist ?


or maybe even, Is the Pope Catholic - Was Jesus a Jew - Is John Bellamy a super stud ??? Some questions just need no answer at all.

Yes, America is a racist country and compared to the UK, makes us look so innocent compared to the bullies and the murderers that pray on minority groups of all types - IN THE USA.

Men discussing and making laws taking away Women's Reproductive Rights and making her jump through all sorts of hoops to be able to obtain an abortion and where MEN state she must have the baby after so many weeks - and this would change drastically if it was the men having the pregnancy and giving birth after 9 months of discomfort and swollen ankles.

Dear God, if men had to do this - you would never hear the end of the constant complaining and moaning and feeling sorry for themselves and ' poor me' attitude. But when it is NOT them, then the empathy, the understanding and the sympathy offered is appallingly - ignorant - and plainly withheld in many cases and women's pains are ignored. And that is how so many men see things, through their own perception and no one else's and this limited view point is half the problem., Many men clearly DO NOT SEE WHAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FUCKING FACE and it betrays men to act so dumb when really, with just a little thought, they could pull it together and see and hear and be aware, but many choose to remain dumb.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a decentralized political and social movement that seeks to highlight racism, discrimination, and inequality experienced by black people. When its supporters come together, they do so primarily to protest incidents of police brutality and racially motivated violence against black people.
When silly people snittily answer ' ALL LIVES MATTER ' it is absolutely right, but also a dumb thing to say - an absolutely dumb thing to say - as of course all lives matter but the blacks are being hit more than whites - and blacks are being abused, blacks are being racially profiled, blacks are picked on by the police and blacks are ( in the USA ) murdered for walking down their own street, driving to the shops, walking to buy groceries and even teenage girls are slam dunked to the ground by aggressive police who get away with mistreatment and illegal abuse of Afro Americans and you would never see such actions against a white person, and no white man has been murdered by a cop kneeling on his throat until he is a dead and white folk get treated very differently to blacks, and this is yet another sign of racism in America.

AMERICA also has The Black Music Charts
and if we had The Whites Only Music Chart We would be SCREAMED at for being racist yet - what is this but racism ?

A long time before Trump stirred up and largely created the bitter hatred between people of many beliefs, cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs and skin colour as well as LGBTQ - Women's Reproductive Rights and so much more - America has long shown itself to be a bigoted, racist, fear based country where fear rules the day from politicians downwards and the ignorant masses buy into the bullshit, the fear, the panic, the abuse thrown at people by white government officials - the police, the armed forces and even from certain people within the general population who have clearly - not been educated enough, not paid attention enough, not aware of any kind of empathy and sympathy and understanding for another persons journey through life and this is so typical of those who abuse others. It is so typical of those living in fear of something ' foreign' or different to what they are use to.

It is an absolute ignorance to declare that Jesus was white.

It is an absolute ignorance to assume Christianity is the only valid religion / belief structure and that all others are less valid - or that the Christian God is bigger and better than any other, when this is just childish garbage.

It is an absolute ignorance to assume white people are the best and anyone with a different skin colour are lower class -

and it is an absolute ignorance to assume women are second class citizens to men when women are far stronger emotionally and physically ( not in strength - but imagine men having a period each month or having to give birth - you WOULD NEVER HEAR THE END OF THE COMPLAINING... and women out smart men hugely - just look at regional school reports where the girls out achieve the boys time after time.

It is an absolute ignorance to declare that we in the west have it right while blacks, Asians, Arab and all many within the 'White Christian World' consider all other religions and skin colour and cultural differences to be wrong and in need of 'whitening up' with education in order to culturally decline anything different and promote ONLY the white Christian values and lifestyle which is wrong - so wrong - as who the hell do we think we are and who the hell is to say we are not the ones in the wrong and those we deny, are actually right. Who is to say who is right and who is wrong.

Actually - WE ALL ARE and anyone casting doubt or damnation on another IS IN THE WRONG, PERIOD.

England, like many white countries, has its race problems but compared to many, I am SO PROUD of how the UK has accepted so many cultures in the last 50 years onto our tiny island with open arms and while we may have some areas full of uneducated people who believe the fear based rhetoric about how the blacks eat babies - how the Chinese throw baby girls out to die etc, and that level of acquired ignorance - with no thought of investigating and finding out the truth for yourself, is staggering yet all so common in the USA - and to a small degree in the UK as well, but by and large, the UK has adapted very well and is nowhere near as racist as the USA.

Nowhere near.

In the US. The police bully black and ethnic minorities.

The police brutally beat and murder innocent people - almost ALWAYS BLACK and almost NEVER WHITE - and the clear and definitive message here is that the police aim their abuse at the black community while whites get away with - well - NOT being murdered by the cops who are employed to serve and protect - and not sit on their neck until dead.

But as a white man I won't have to worry about that as the colour of my skin - in the USA, sets me apart, which is absolutely wrong.

All Lives Matter when the police brutally attack and murder innocent people just because of the colour of their skin.

Yes - America is a racist country and yes, blacks are murdered by the police because of the colour of their skin.,




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