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Is going back to work the answer to your sanity ?

I was sent this piece below recently and I - kinda - disagree with it to some extent.
Have a read of it first:-

Dear John: There are some people who are lucky enough to love everything about their job. But for most of us, there are at least a few things that we would change if we could — especially how many hours we spend working each week.

The 40-hour work week is a relic of the early 20th century. In fact, it was a 1920s automobile factory that served as the model for this labor standard. The working world looked a whole lot different back then — most households could run on just one salary with a domestic laborer at home ( wife working all hours ) and the internet and automation wouldn't be around for a long time, and the workforce was fairly homogeneous.

Basically, everything has changed.

Except the 40-hour work week.

But multiple recent studies have shown that many workers today, especially in office settings, can get the same amount of work done (and in some cases more) during a 6-hour, 5 days a week schedule or a 8-hour, 4 days a week schedule — equaling between 30 to 32 hours a week!

Most of us work so that we can live, we don't live to work and after the global pandemic shocked things into perspective and kept us apart, we value spending time with our families, friends, hobbies, and interests more than ever; we shouldn't have to assign more of that time to our jobs and careers than we have to.

Thank you


John Comments: Trouble is, I am not sure I agree with some of that,.

Many have been stuck at home with family and have been driven mad and cannot wait to get out of the house and see others and not family and those they have been holed up wth for months on end.

It is easier to be with strangers than it is with family.

If you work long hours and are still poor, then work more hours and do not expect something for free. If you were running a farm and you thought it was time to ' clock off' and yet the animals needed feeding - guess what - YOU FUCKING FEED THE ANIMALS and you finnish ONLY when the work is finnished.


Too many people do not want to work and expect to do a 32 hour week and if a 40 hour week can be crammed into 32 hours, then add some more work, improve productivity - and work harder and longer and then you will earn the sort of money you want - as there are no free handouts in work, you either work hard, ot you reside on the dole.

I know some will disagee but I was raised on the concept that ' You only get out of life what you put in ' - and as I have always worked hard - long hours - with no fear of hard work, I now own my own hotel I bought for cash - no mortgage and for those who resent, get off your fat lazy ass and work hard for years and years and save your money and take no holidays or treat yourself to special things - just work and more work, and by being available 24 /7 and by giving an excellent service where people will spend more with you again and again - I made enough to set myself up and my future is secure - and when you slob around and do fuck all and just make all the financial claims you can, DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR LOT IN LIFE - when you are truly responsible.

I work around 80 -m 100 hours a week and have done so for decades - 7 daysa week - and while I appreciate working for yourself is different to working for someone else, but even back when I worked for others, I always gave it my best, was always keen and excited and was always premoted above and beyond others, as I was not afraid of hard work.

32 hours a week sounds fab for those with families and a social life that is more important to them than earning enough to pay for it all and one wonders why so many people are broke and going bankrupt .






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