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Is it just another rip off of the elderly ?

When I was coming up to 50 years of age - mmmm - a while ago now - mmmm - actually QUITE a while ago now ... mmmm I received through the post a free copy of Saga Magazine and took a comical umbridge as - how dare they .,... Saga is for the elderly - say - 80 year olds and I was only 50. Of course I was wrong as Saga is for the over 50's but tends to be seen as a publication for the old. ( Don't say it ... )

Anyway - on the cover of said magazine was an interview with Dora Bryan - remember her - and I read it and found it fascinating and actually read the magazine from cover to cover. However - I did not take out a subscription as I found most the items and adverts aimed at the elderly to be excessively expensive compared to every day prices and considering Saga is suppose to be a help to the elderly, it all too often comes at a rip off price.

Moving forward some 15 years plus I see all the adverts on the telly for Oakhouse Foods aimed at the elderly and how the home deliver for you and is a very friendly company etc. So:- I sent away for the brochure and was HORRIFIED by what I found. In my opinion - just another complete abuse of the elderly.

We have all seen the various adverts for home delivered food for the elderly where they will even put it in your freezer for you when they deliver but once again, it comes with an exorbitant price attached.

And do not think the friendly delivery time has time to stop and chat as he will be in and out in seconds as he is busy and has little time for socializing, which sadly, many elderly want to do as at home all day, they are lonely.

Now: The brochure has scores of meals available so let's concentrate on just a couple.

Oakhouse Cottage Pie £4.65

Now: You can get a Cottage Pie from Tesco - delivered to your home, and the costs vary depending on which brand you choose, but the most expensive will be less than HALF the cost of Oakhouse Foods and for an elderly person on a limited budget, this is just a rip off. Average Cottage Pie cost between Tesco's own cheap range ( which is very good ) at £1.20 up to more famous brands which are usually priced between £1.50 - £200 - so why - exactly - would anyone in their right mind pay Oakhouse Foods £4.65 ?

Fisherman's Pie - £5.55 You can buy a Fish Pie of various makes from 95p in Aldi - £1.00 - £2.00 in Tesco, so why is it so expensive at a company designed

to help the elderly when it is cheaper to order from Tesco and have it home delivered.

Why would anyone use a company that seems to be delivering a rip off to older folks at a time when money is short.

Now - with the expense of gas and electric sky rocketing, I suppose food costs will soar as delivery needs petrol, freezers need electricity, cooking anything costs money and are we to expect high rises in food costs soon - I am sure we will. So why would we chose a company that more than double charges for much the same thing as any supermarket charges and who almost all - home deliver ?

It does seem that the ENORMOUS market out there aimed at the elderly - is all too often - a rip off. Nothing more than someone seizing an opportunity and running with it and not actually thinking about the elderly but the companies revenue. Like banks, they have little consideration for their service users, they seem more concerned with the bottom line - which any company has to do, but now when the prices are DOUBLE OR MORE what we can buy the same product for on the High Street and get it delivered.

And Dora Bryan. I read all about her and became all emotional at the thought of such a young women becoming an actress and a star and ending up in an old peoples home bankrupt and in a wheel chair - but for all that - she never lost her sense of humour and loved her Brighton. Many younger person will not have a clue who she was, but us oldies remember her from so many old comedies and black and white films from yester year. Bless her.

Have any of you any experience with companies like this - do share your thoughts with us here.

Every Little Helps.




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