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Is living alone in your old age lonely ?

Is living alone in your old age lonely ?

Some e mails from some of you on getting old.

I just spent the last six days with a miserable fever. I just wanted so badly to sleep but I couldn't because I have back problems and the fever was making my back even more tender. Lying on my sides hurt because the rib cage is attached to your spine. So I would be awake at 3:00 am icing my back. What does this have to do with being old and lonely?

Well, I thought at some point: so this is what it's like to die alone?

I remember, I took an Uber to the emergency room when I thought I was having a heart attack. Just being around other people made me feel less afraid band anxious. I didn't mind waiting. I got to spend half the day on a gurney watching re-runs of friends. Nurses and doctors would come and offer me medication and blankets. It was a good day. Robert.


John: If I don't go shopping every single day for something, even maybe just a newspaper or a packet of fags, I don't get to see anyone at all - or speak to another human being, and it can really get to me. I am not usually a lonely person but I do miss company, especially in the evenings when my life decades ago was so full of people, laughter, noise and stuff going on around me all the time. Being alone in old age can be a real bummer and where I concentrate on my ill health all the time as I have nothing else to occupy my mind. Richard


I love being the old fart I always wondered if I'd grow into. I get away with murder. People think I am rude - good - they put it down to my age when really, I am maybe rude because they need to be told and I am now, not afraid to speak up and put them in their place. What can they do - I am 84 - so sod them John. Horace Bertie.


Moan Moan Moan - That's all I hear from others living in these warden assisted flats. At 68 I am one of the younger residents and so many others do not join in and many events are cancelled. They complain there is nothing on offer and then don't when it is - and it pisses me off John. I thought it would have a really good community feel - 80 small apartments all for the elderly and with a Communal Lounge / TV area for special events and FUCK ALL JOHN. I tried to offer a few special events and had one or two turn up and it was a waste of my time and when you then hear the moans, I DO NOT STAND FOR IT and some think me rude when rude is those old fucks who complain and do nothing, moan and offer fuck all, and I feel I am living in completely the wrong environment as it is dragging me down and where I sit in front of my telly most evenings as there is nothing else offered as no one ever joins in. So when you hear old people complain there is nothing to do, remind them that THEY ARE THE CAUSE / REASON THERE IS NOTHING AS THEY DON'T JOIN IN AND BECOME PART OF SOMETHING, so fuck'em John.

George G.


I love being old. I am an old cunt John and everyone knows it,. Mind you, so many young gay men flood to my house because I am the wise old man with good advise and I never seem to be on my own. It seems I am a character - and many come just to hear me talk, and talk I do. It hasn't been dull and looking at your life journey John, think we would get along just fine, two big personalities together. I am braver than ever and not afraid to speak my mind. I am for the first time, actually IN LIKE with myself. I got that from you John. I really did and thankyou.

Steven M.


John. I live in a warden assisted flat and there were complaints from others here because of all the visitors I have. I still enjoy a sex life and have at least 3 visitors a week for an evening of old man sex - ha ha - and what I do in my own private - if small - apartment really is no one else's business, but BOY do they think it IS their business. The more they pry and spy and watch what and who is coming and going from my flat, the more I enjoy doing something to shock and amuse, thrill and enlighten, and they will not shut me down, and they can go to hell if they think they can. I bought my flat and it is all owner occupied apartments with a call centre in case of medical troubles, and I am even on the board that oversees the venue, and not one single person has mentioned any complaint to me personally, and if they did, they would be told where to shove it.

They are just jealous John because I still have a life while many seem to have given up. Keith S. ----------------------------------

Old age is not for sissy's. ( Bette Davis )


I never even thought about what it was like for old people coping with various ailments and aches and pains all the time and on a daily basis. When I was younger, everything healed real quick and now I am old, it seems some things take forever and others simply do not heal and that sprained ankle of 3 years ago, still gives me serious gip and I limp all the time now. Old age John, aint all its cracked up to be and I truly respect old people now in a manner I never thought about before. Michael W. ----------------------------------

John. I suffered terribly with insecurities sexually when I was young that now I am old I realise was a complete waste of time. Now, I am in demand as now, I realise I have a big plonker and enormous balls and it gets attention, plus being old, I am HIV Negative and missed all that. I now enjoy a good sex life for the first time ever.

Simon T.


I am mature enough to understand and appreciate that many of the hot men I had sex with in the past would not not even look at me - as I am too old. I can live with that as chances are, SO ARE THEY - and as the decades have passed I have grown in maturity and accept the changes in my physical body and in my desires and wants - which have changed over the decades. Many, sadly are bitter old men resentful of anyone getting a decent sex life and the gay scene is full of bitter old queens hell bent on destroying those they envy. I take it as a compliment when I hear other bitching about me behind my back as at least they are talking about me - and who exactly - are they - NO ONE.

John B.




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