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it asked for help and we did nothing.

This week, after I fed the pigeons on the garage roof, which I do every morning, we were aware that there was one that was clearly unwell. After the other birds all flew off it stayed behind and kept looking towards us, and eventually came right to the edge of the garage roof where we were standing and looked directly at us as if asking fo help.

WE stayed for a while and every time we slowly approached the bird it did walk slowly back up the roof, and we were at a loss as to what we should do.

We could catch it and take it to the vet, - its a pigeon - so what do you think the vet will make of that... a wild pigeon at that. So we felt bad and left it on the roof to fend for itself as clearly, it could not fly.

Half an hour later, next doors cat walked past with it in its mouth.

We were devestated.

Nature is so cruel and it was clear the bird was asking for our help - but there really was nothing we could do.

It hurt to see. It saddened as the poor bird was definately looking for us to help. as many animals do.

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