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it comes to us all eventually.

This is the picture of former Miss World Nepal second Runners-Up Nisha Ghimire.

The first photo was taken and posted on Instagram on 14th September 2019 and the second photo was taken on 08th June 2021 at Norvic Hospital. It is the same person, former Miss World Nepal second Runners-Up Nisha Ghimíre – From Nepal.

Nisha was at the top of her career in 2018 as a model and a top actress in Indian movies.

Companies competed to have her as their brand ambassador; big names in Nepal and India both in politics and entertainment fought for her attention and everyone wanted to be associated with her.

In January 2019, she traveled to India to further her skills in Modelling and talent management at Dehradun. Unfortunately, she got involved in a road accident {according to local tabloids} months later.

Her family couldn’t pay for her treatment, all the people who wanted to be with him, and the peak of her fame disappeared. She was brought up back to her home in Nepal to wait for her death.

Friends would just visit to take photos like this second one and share them on the internet to earn likes but did absolutely nothing to help her.

Politicians, entertainers, and all those who followed her were not there.

At the height of her career, among the people who wanted her service to push their brand was an entrepreneur called Megha Chaudhary.

Megha learned of her sickness through the internet and specifically her photos posted by friends that went viral.

It is only this Megha {whom her manager refused to let her work with} that came to her rescue at the last minute when no one could come through.

Sadly she didn’t make it. Nisha passed away on 01st September 2021.

Those who cheer you up when you are winning will most probably not be on your side when you are losing.


JB COMMENTS: Back in the 1970's a friend owned 5 restaurants and had an incredible income.

He had many friends - He had many boyfriends -

He had many ' hangers on ' and he had 3 fast cars, an apartment in Bournemouth, London and a villa in Spain and lived a grand life full of people, parties, fun and laughter. Then the restaurants died a death - rents increased and he had to close one after the other, he found himself now elderly and with a limited income as he had splashed out and spent the lot - and as his health deteriorated after a car crash, he found himself broke, homes and cars sold, living in a rented room in Bournemouth owned by a friend and not a single soul from the past bothered any more and he found himself isolated and alone. There will always be people around when you have money.

There will always be people around while you are paying the bills, or while you are ' centre stage' as there will always be those who want to bask in your glow and grab a little of what you have and they do not - but as soon as your glow diminishes, they are off to the next one, like a month to a new flame and about as deep thinking and true as the month is to the flame. The world is full of shallow people, vacuous through and through and the few deep thinking and mindful people, are rare.


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