It makes it all worthwhile.

As 2022 opens for us all, here are a few of the e mails sent by yourselves and I have always believed that even if just one person is touched, moved, enabled, healed or made to smile and laugh through anything I send out, then it is all worthwhile. After all, it all depends on you.

While we have received the usual hate mail and morons on e mail and phone throwing abuse, and as hard as it still is to ignore, we look to those who appreciate - like the e mails sent to us recently below - and know that we are here - we are doing the right things - offering the right things and we are open hearted and genuine - which is a great deal more than many gay men and organisations can say.

Through this pandemic where monies are short and we are struggling, we still offer FREE HOLIDAYS to those suffering throughout this pandemic and those needing a little safety net in knowing there are those out there who do care - do sympathise - do understand and are caring - mind, body and soul.

Doing this Blog / Newsletter has been a saviour for me as well. With spare time on my hands - it has helped keep my mind occupied, my interests interested and my daily life had some meaning other than moping around the house. It also keeps us in the public eye ( not a fool ) and keeps us 'in mind' whereas so many other gay mens organisations vanished when Covid appeared only to resurface AFTER it all looked to be coming to an end.

So - not very supportive by groups supposedly there to support and just shows you how many gay mens work through ego and not passion;- ego and not compassion:- ego and not a genuine need to help and ego rather than through love.

So thanks guys for your comments. It makes it all worthwhile.

John Bellamy



Thanks John for the weekly Blog. So look forward to it each weekend. In isolation here up in the farthest north of Scotland and on a farm so very few people but loads of sheep. Your Blog gives me so much and even a wank at the end. Thanks for saving my sanity. Farmer Joseph.


A good new year to you John I just would like to thank you for the kind words and thoughts that you gave to me, like many guys last year was very hard for me when you lose your soulmate and become their career you also lose yourself, if you know what I mean. I am, for the first time in my life, having to only think about myself and I have really never done that before. There are times when I get very upset because I had to fight to get the care that my partner needed and that's just not fair or right, but without the man that I love I wouldn't be that man that I am today. I just want to thank you for being you and speaking up and not letting stupid people think or saying the things they do . I know that one day I will meet you and speak to you.

please take care and don't stop because I know that you really care what you do

love ( name withheld )


Thanks for your regular Blog. Keeps me together. Not going out. Bored with TV. Alone for week in and week out. I am 42 and after a car crash when I was 17 have lived in a wheel chair ever since and this limits my ability to go to a lot of venues ( even yours ) and it does isolate me. Your Blog has helped me in so many ways. Talk about wank material in the hairy men page and the reviews and editorials are always a great mix to keep me amused and educated. Randy rainbow, what a discovery. LINK HERE

Thanks John . You are a real life saver. Clive.


Thank you for the offer of a free stay. After the funeral ( 30 years together ) I felt absolutely lost, empty, not knowing what to do or where to go, I felt completely at a loss. Your offer of a few days helped enormously and after chatting with you during my free weekend, you really helped me sort things out and find a structure moving forwards. Thanks you John I can honestly say no one has ever offered me such kindness and considering I had never even stayed as a guest of yours yet and paid, your offer of a free stay to help during a bad time in my life, absolutely renewed my faith in gay men and people in general. You are a saint. Barry.



Thank you for your kind words. I also appreciate the offer of some time as a free guest as I have brain cancer. I had often thought it would be great to visit. However, as I live in the US traveling is a bit difficult these days as you well know.

I have no partner, but I do have a number of very close friends and family who are providing excellent support for me. They and I are currently in a bit of denial naturally, but we are all trying to work through it.

Please hold some good thoughts for me as I begin a new brain radiation treatment tomorrow. Tim ----------------------

John. Want to wish you all the very best for the year ahead. I found out this year I have cancer and the prognosis was good but it shook the shit out of me, in more ways than one. After some months of horrendous treatments that made me worse, I went Chinese Medicines and all the ill side affects of Chemo went and I am actually feeling a lot better. Bless the NHS but chemo is not always the answer and I am now in remission and I do thank alternative medicines for that. Your weekly Blog, knowing it was coming each weekend, helped keep me in touch and aware of what was going on and it did always make me laugh and while a stiffy was miles away for me, the naked pictures always got my interest, if only one day... You do more for the gay scene than many most others and apart from a few like Peter Tatchell - I have not heard from anyone or any organisation at all and miss that gay connection and you came through for me John, you really did.



Happy New Year John and thanks, a BIG THANKS, for your regular newsletter. It does bring a smile to my face and I do read it all. Keep it up John it helped me enormously during this last couple of years. Roger.


Thanks John. Thanks for all you do for us and all from your heart. There will always be the haters but know they are outnumbered by those who appreciate and value what you do. Terrance.


I've never written you before. Always thought about it though. Get your Blog. Love it John and thanks. It is a real life saver. Here on the farm I get so little time for self. Family know I'm gay so no probs there. Cows, pigs and a few hundred sheep are my company most days. Unable to socialize because of Covid and being farm bound has its rewards but also its limitations. Do you know of many gay farmers ? Thanks John. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your Newsletter Blog each week. Absolutely.

Farmer Joe.