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It's better to be alone than fall for a scammer and loos everything.

No one likes to think they'd fall victim to an online scam. But in a world where we're spending more time meeting people online, and with fraudsters continually thinking up ways to target us, it can be easy for any one of us to fall for one.

Lonely older women. Meets a hot younger man 'on line' who says all the right things and tickles her emotionally ' long distance;' and soon, the foolish sad old women is falling for the bullshit. She really thinks that here - at last - is the man of her dreams and the delusional fool falls for it hook, line and sinker.

Foolish considering she has been told by her friends and family but - they don't understand the love, the friendship and the compassion offered by this stranger while she ignores the love and compassion from her own friends and family.

He eventually takes her for all her money - one way or the other - and now she is still lonely and depressed, but now she is lonely and depressed and POOR while the man is probably raking in millions like this and you are just another fucking moron, a pawn to be raped as many times of your money as is possible before being dumped cold and hard - and if this happens to you, YOU WERE WARNED AND DIDN'T LISTEN.

These five red flags may mean your new friendship or relationship is not all that it seems:​

• You message regularly but you’ve never met in person or video called them.​

• If it’s a romantic relationship, they tell you they love you very quickly

• They’re very interested in you and your personal life. But when you think about it, you don’t know much about them.​

• They have a job, but they won’t tell you where it is, or are vague and say they can’t tell you more for security reasons.​

• They have a sudden sad change in circumstances and need an emergency loan to fix it or so that they can visit family


Stop: Be wary of requests for money and try to remove any emotion from your decision making. Always consider that it may be a scam, especially if there are any of the warning signs above. And no matter how persistent the friend or romantic interest is, never send money, gift cards or any personal or security details to anyone you’ve recently met online.​

Whenever someone plays me a little too much attention, my immediate thought it




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