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With millions reading this web site globally - and with it reaching a lot from within the LGBTQ world, do you want to promote your business, your B&B - your service to the LGBTQ community - FOR FREE -

Send in your advert, promotion etc. and we shall see what we can do.



Here is a web site offering you something for free to help you make money - to help your business stay afloat during and after a global shut down - and all as a gesture of good will between those looking for a future if and when this is all over.

Most gay venues do not support each other but tend to work against - and are only interested in their own custom and their own events and their own little world and care little for anything that evolves outside of their world.

Many simply are blind and cannot - or refuse to - see how the gay scene in the UK, and globally, is closing down because of the internet and now because of Covid 19.

Many have taken the governments money - and run - never to re open ( in other words thay have stolen money intended to help them remain open and not just take the dosh and run - ) and with a massively shrinking community, it needs all the help and all the soul it can get, and Hamilton Hall is here to help, and all for free and with absolutely no strings attached or hidden agendas.

If you find that hard to believe, then maybe YOU are the one that would never offer, would always just take take take and maybe you are the one at fault for causing and creating such a hard and take take take community blown away when someone actually offers something to help and all for nothing... Maybe it is the takers who ruin it all for the givers. Maybe it is time for the takers to wake up and see how selfish and destructive and offer and help and Put something back for a change. Many within the LGBTQ scene are self arrogantly selfish it beggars belief. Now is the time to change that. It's up to you.

Send your postcard advert - like this one - to us and we shall see what we can do to assist.

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