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It’s OK to be happy that Pat Robertson is dead

He once said that AIDS was "God's way of weeding his garden," so he also wasn't above feeling joy at the deaths of others.

****** Scroll down to read what Saint Peter has to say to Pat Robertson at the Pearly Gates - imagined by John Bellamy

Televangelist Pat Robertson – one of the most powerful anti-LGBTQ+ voices of the 20th Century who broadcast The 700 Club to millions for 60 years – has died at the age of 93.

And it’s OK to celebrate.

For several decades, Robertson was one of the most powerful people in the country, and he didn’t use his influence to make the world a better place. He was judgmental, and he encouraged the millions who tuned into his show to judge their family members and loved ones harshly, undoubtedly making family relationships more toxic and difficult.

For example, he advised one mom to cut off her 13-year-old son’s internet access after he was caught looking at gay content online and even suggested that this is proof that her son was being sexually abused. He casually doled out terrible advice like that to parents for decades on his show.

He actively worked against education about safer sex through his organization Christian Coalition and used his television platform to oppose the use of condoms, saying that the latex barrier robs the sexual act of intimacy, even if it can save people’s lives.

Robertson was active in politics, even running for president in 1988. He spread misinformation in 2020, saying that it was Satan making people believe that President Joe Biden won the election, despite getting millions more votes than Donald Trump did. That kind of misinformation led to the deaths of five people at the January 6 Capitol Insurrection, and of course Robertson never apologized for spreading it.


John Bellamy shares

an imagined greeting at Heavens Gates


Saint Peter at the gates of Heaven when greeting this man.

' Oh it's you. What do you want ?'

'It's me - Televangelist Pat Robertson - Can I come in ?'

' Believe me, we all know who YOU are - I repeat, what do you want ?'

'Er, - I want into Heaven .'

'Why do you believe you deserve a place in Heaven ?'

'What ??? Why ??? - Because I have been spreading the word of God to the masses.'

' Which God ?'

'Er, THE God, The one who wrote the Bible. I have been following and teaching His every word as in accordance to His written word. I'm a little confused Peter, is there a problem ? '

'First - It's SAINT Peter to you.

Second - God didn't write the Bible, you lot did.

Third - You have misconstrued almost every word the Bible does say to coincide with YOUR way of seeing things and NOT the way God intended.'

'What are you saying. I got it wrong.'

'Oh Dear God ( sorry Boss ) THAT - my dear Pat - is a massive understatement.'

' But Saint Peter - That's absolutely untrue - I have been doing good work in God's name. I have castigated and hounded LGBT amongst everything else, just as it says in the Good Book. You are just a servant of God while I will be sitting on his right hand side in Heaven so move over Peter and let me in - and I'm confused why He isn't actually here to greet and thank me.''

' Oh Please - Get over yourself Pat - Really - And by the way - where - exactly does it say to do that - in ' that book' of yours ?'

'' What are you saying ?'

'Well, My Boss - the person you call God - is what you would consider ' TRANS.'


' Oh dear - Here we go with the rant again Pat..... Number One: God is masculine AND feminine - S/He embodies the energies of both the male AND the female - as why on earth would you ever think that a supernatural being that created so much - just to be a man ??? - That doesn't make any sense at all Pat, and Two: Er - Who is this Satan you speak of ?'

'Satan - you know, the Devil, the bringer of evil.'

' Oh you do make me laugh. Who on My Boss's Earth told you that ? There is ONLY GOD. There is nothing else my dear Pat and any kind of evil is what is formulated within mans mind - YOUR mind - your very spoken word and deed. Your church created Satan,- not God.'

'Oh I get it Saint Peter. This is a test to see if I am a true Christian.'

'Christian ??? - Oh Pat my dear - you haven't a clue, not a faintest clue, what a TRUE CHRISTIAN , or a TRUE FOLLOWER of God is all about, all you know is how to use ' so called' Holy Scriptures to further your career, your desire for fame and fortune USING God - claiming you know what God intended and what God meant - when the truth of the matter, my dear Pat Robertson, YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG, you TRULY haven't a clue what God intended and what God's words actually meant - it was all about your own fears and nothing else. '

'Let me explain. God - or as you call HIM - Father - is all wrong dear Pat. God is both male and female in balance harmony and gave that same gift to a select few on Earth in order for them to be special - to hold both male and female energies and to hold the God Consciousness within. Now - many of these people were what you would call - Saints - Shaman - Healers - Witch Doctors - there are many names for them - and what did you and that church of yours do to these special people, GODS CHILDREN - you claimed they were evil, queer, perverted for being different and LGBT and in the past called them witches and butchered them - and later you hounded them for being a different colour, a different religion, different because some were LGBT and some, quite simply, because YOU feared their power - their God Consciousness and it frightened you and your money making well oiled machine - the church. '

'No Saint Peter - you've got it all wrong. I was following Gods message.'

' What fucking message.'

'Saint Peter, you swore .'

'Oh do grow up Pat. No word is offensive to God. Nothing at all you do is offensive to God, NOTHING, and that's the ONLY reason you will be allowed into Heaven - for you are going to come in Pat BUT NOT for the reasons you think at all, not because you feel you deserve to come in, but because the all loving power of God is not about forgiveness, as God does not judge you so there is nothing to forgive, MAN judges and casts out - God does not. You will be coming in for a while before we send you back to continue on your journey in a new life.'

'That sounds okay, but it does sound there might be a catch.'

'No catch Pat. God teaches through experience - and your next life is to go back as a gay trans man - brought up in an orphanage in Somalia, beaten as a child and sexually molested by the Nuns running your orphanage. Priests will rape and bugger you and there will be no answers, or so it will seem, from God in answer to your pleas for help. You will feel deserted and alone, frightened and wounded physically, mentally and emotionally, and THEN my dear Pat, you might learn some lessons about life, about being different, about sympathy and understanding and most of all, you - hopefully - will learn the way you have been as Pat Robertson has been one big fuck up - no different to any tyrant or bully - any scared little boy thrashing out - no different to any mass murderer or wife beater - your actions as Pat Robertson have destroyed and mutilated the love offered and you turned it into something dirty and wrong, perverse and an abomination - IN YOUR EYES ONLY PAT - and MOST CERTAINLY - not in the eyes of God and next time we meet here, after you live the Somalian life, We hope to see some changes in your behaviour and attitude towards EVERYONE Pat. And mark My words Pat - We MEAN - EVERYONE. '

'But why ?'

'Pat my dear - because God loves you all, even the bigots, the racists, the bullies, the paedophiles and rapists, murderers and Priests and every day folk. Mind you, there is a very special place for that Mr. Trump, but we won't go into that now... You see Pat - Everyone is a child of God and you all have your part to play and some, like yourself, get lost on your way and come out fighting through Fear, Fear of God, Fear of life, Fear of ANYTHING different, hence off you go to Somalia Pat. Time for you to experience a different life journey and feel the affects of what Pat Robertson legacy has offered the world, So - See you in a blink of an eye, or 50 years in your time line.'

'But But But .....'

'Too late for but's Pat. You chose your destiny to harm others, and now karma is about to come and bite you in your butt - and it can be a bitch Pat, a real bitch. So go now, with God's love and try and be a good decent person and do no harm unto others. Everyone has that within them. Everyone is worthy of that love.

Everyone Pat, even you - you old cunt.

John Bellamy



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