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It's time to listen to the 'adults' and ignore those who refuse the COVID vaccines:

Tom BoggioniAugust 29, 2021

Anti-vaccination protest

This article comes from RawStories

In a column for The Atlantic, national security expert Juliette Kayyem said the time has finally come for the country move on and do whatever needs to be done to halt the rising tide of COVID-19 infections -- and the accompanying death toll -- and ignore the complaints of those who refuse to take advantage of readily available vaccines designed to combat it Under the provocative headline that reads, "Vaccine Refusers Don't Get Top Dictate Terms Anymore," Kayyem makes that case that the Covid pandemic has reached a crisis stage that is doing irreparable harm to the country. Noting that massive efforts being made by the U.S. government, the medical community and private industry to get people vaccinated, Kayyem claimed the anti-vaxx community is holding the country back, writing,

"What all of these decisions show is that the adults running major institutions in our society want to move forward, and they are done waiting around for vaccine refusers to change their mind." "Some refusers say they definitely won't get vaccinated; others say they haven't yet gotten to it. But the specific feelings and concerns of vaccine refusers should be largely irrelevant to vaccinated people who are eager to move on with their lives. Americans are entitled to make their own decisions, but their employers, health insurers, and fellow citizens are not required to accommodate them," she wrote before asserting, "The vaccinated have for too long carried the burden of the pandemic."

Kayyem continued, "People in the crisis-management field have made peace with blanket one-size-fits-all policies that some individuals don't like. When a ship is going down, passengers aren't given the luxury of quibbling with the color or design of the life vest, and they can't dither forever about whether to put one on or not. Emergencies invariably force people to make some choices that they might not consider ideal, but asking everyone to get vaccinated against a potentially lethal virus is not a big imposition. Ironically, by talking as if everyone, given enough time, will eventually choose the shot, public-health agencies may have understated the urgency of the matter and invited the vaccine-hesitant to dwell on the decision indefinitely."
"Sorry. Time's up," she added before adding the caveat, "I know, I know: I should try harder to understand the feelings of unvaccinated Americans. Being more patient and empathetic would make me sound nicer. But do you know what's really nice? Going back to school safely. Traveling without feeling vulnerable. Seeing a nation come back to life."


John Bellamy Comments:

I have a rule within Hamilton Hall that asks that all guests be double vaccinated or wear a mask around Hamilton Hall at all times.

We do get an older crowd here so as most have automatically accepted the jab and we are all in this together. However I know a few who have deliberately gone against the grain for various reasons - some being just childish and with no logic behind it at all ( especially when with children and around close family ) and then there are just those who are afraid of anything new, and those who will just pull against the grain for attention seeking and that absolutely bores the pants off me. Some claim all sorts of reasons but without any adult logic attached.

In the middle of a global pandemic some use it as a way of getting attention, like some of these church Reverands in crystal cathedrals in America who bussed thousands into surmons claiming the Blood of Christ will protect you - or that the Lord Jesus will protect you, and then the reverand ended up catching Covid and dying and I have no sympathy at all. None. He may very well be the cause and the reason for scores of others within his church from getting ill and every one who dies, is on his sholders and is his responsibility. Being a man of the cloth does not give him the right to ride over educated health officials and claim to have the answers when clearly - he is dead - so he didn't - not at all and this God fearing man has now ended his righous days with an epitaph of how he killed his own congregation and was no more than a murderer. He led his people, deliberately, into a dangerous siutuation where he himself paid the ultimatev price, so no sympathy there, but the fools who followed - those who - in all honestly BELIEVED HIS CLAP TRAP - are just that - blind stupid fools and they will pay the price one way or the other as they drop like flies.

Does any of this sound familiar - the Pied Piper for instance - or the story of Jesus, where people followed an enigmatic man even though as we all know, neither story ended well.

Religious fervous DOES NOT SAVE LIVES - at least - not in the real world, the reality in which I survive, and it may in the next life, in the here-after - but not in the here and now. God is ashamed. S/He gave you life and you throw it away with fear - and that my friends, is unenlightned crap.

I have also asked several friends to not come round until this is over as they are anti vaxers and I just cannot have them here and nor can I tollerate their stupidity. I use to listen as I love a good conspiracy theory but when just dumb, and when no excuse is good enough, and when adults throw tantrums over a fucking mask for goodness sake and say it is against their human rights I despair - as go live in Afghanistan and talk about your fucking human rights and then tell me how you feel put on by everyone and how you feel abused by the system - and I will tell you to GROW THE FUCK UP as in the bigger picture, your childish tantrum deserves all it gets - NOTHING AT ALL and if you want to die with no mask to help protect, then do so but do so quietly. If you die or even just get seriously ill with Covid and you have ignored the jab and yet have been offered it, then I have no sympathy. Hard - maybe - we all have choices and you chose not to and many have become ill and died and - they should be charged every penny for any hospital costs incurred.

It did sicken me to hear people in the USA ranting about their human rights being eroded when we see the horrors happening around the world and they have the cheek, the temerity, the damned nerve to complain about wearing a mask when women are being forced to wear the full hijab and gay men are being brutally murdered and anyone with a lean towards the west is living - in absolute fear for their lives and here we are with these people safely in the west complain about having to have a life saving injection and - in all honestly - I despair for the likes of these people and I despair for the USA that does seem to lead the world in self centred, attention seeking, gun slinging wacko's - and that's just the Republican Party...

Many gay men died in the 1980's because they thought HIV to be fake, they considered it just a way of the government to restrict their sex lives and they refused to use condoms and died decades ago in their 20;'s and 30's. However: I paid attention, used condoms and safe sax and although having sex 20 - 30 times a week as a sex worker, I NEVER CAUGHT A THINKG BECAUSE I PAID ATTENTION, PRACTICED SAFE SEX AND LIVED TO SEE A FEW MORE DECADES - and having been to scores of funerals of young men in their 20's and 30's - all dead from HIV years ago now, I am not prepared to sit back and listen to fucking idiots rant about their human rights and not wearing a mask and not having a jab and nor for their kids and then complain on and on if and when they get ill.

Maybe I am intollerant but in these trying times, we must ALL do the best for ourselves and those around us we love and putting them at risk because you believe something else, is on your shoulders if anything goes tits up.
Could you live with that on your shoulders ?


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