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Italy begins stripping lesbian mothers of their parental rights

Italy begins stripping lesbian mothers of their parental rights

One mom said she cried for 10 days after hearing she was being removed from her daughter's birth certificate.

By Molly Sprayregen Monday, July 17, 2023

In conjunction with its crackdown on the rights of same-sex parents, the Italian government has begun retroactively stripping same-sex parents of their legal connection to their children.

Michela Leidi told the Daily Mail that she “cried for ten days” after receiving a letter informing her she would be removed from her daughter’s birth certificate. “It was as if I did not exist.”

Biomedical CEO believes it’ll soon be possible for same-sex couples to share biological children. But in addition to the energy surrounding their progress, there are also concerns, like people stealing DNA to make babies.

Liedi and her wife Viola are reportedly one of the first three lesbian couples to have their children’s birth certificates changed after the country’s right-wing government announced in March that state agencies should no longer register the children of same-sex couples.

The couple doesn’t know why they were targeted as one of the first to have their legal status changed retroactively, as in most cities the policy has been focused on new babies born. They said their community, friends, and family have always supported them.

“I suspect the government is afraid that a family that looks different, like ours, can be as happy – maybe even happier sometimes – as a traditional family,” Liedi said. “On paper, they say Giulia has one mother but we know she has two. We will do everything possible to prove we are a good family.”

Her wife added, “No one from the government or the prosecutors came to see that we are a happy family with a happy baby.”

While same-sex civil unions have been legal in the country since 2016, same-sex couples do not have the right to adopt, thanks in part to opposition from the Catholic Church.

Surrogacy remains illegal in Italy and there are restrictions that prevent the adoption of “stepchildren” by one parent. Medically assisted reproduction, like in vitro fertilization (IVF), is only available to heterosexual couples.

Viola became pregnant through artificial insemination, and the couple had to travel to Spain to receive the treatment.

Until March, there were several Italian cities where same-sex couples could be listed as “parents”—as opposed to “mother” and “father”—on birth registrations. But the Interior Ministry began sending letters ordering an end to the practice.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, leader of the far-right Brothers of Italy party, made anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric a cornerstone of her campaign for office. She opposes allowing same-sex couples to adopt as well as marriage quality, calling civil union “good enough” for LGBTQ+ couples.

“Yes to the natural family, no to LGBT lobbies,” she declared last summer.

Under current Italian law, the member of a same-sex couple who is not legally recognized as a child’s parent could lose custody if the legally recognized parent dies or the relationship ends.

This is particularly horrific for another couple, Vanessa Finesso and Cristina Zambon. Finesso is the one who gave birth to their daughter after undergoing IVF in Spain. Even though she used Zambon’s egg, Zambon has been threatened with the loss of parental rights by the government. Finesso has cancer and is worried that if she dies, her wife will lose custody of their daughter.

The order also leaves the children of same-sex couples in jeopardy in other ways. “Children end up having limited access to key services and benefits, such as healthcare, inheritance, and child support,” Angelo Schillaci, a law professor at Sapienza University in Rome, told BBC when the policy was first announced. “At present, only one parent is recognized by law, the other one is a ghost. In real life, parents and children play together, cook together, play sports, and go on holiday together. But on paper, they are apart, the state does not see them. It’s a paradoxical situation.”

In the city of Padua, where Finesso and Zambon live, 27 families (33 children) have gotten warning letters that one parent may lose parental rights and be stripped of their place on their kids’ birth certificates. Some plan to leave the country for good.

But the mayor of Padua, Sergio Giordani, is defying the government’s orders and continuing to issue birth certificates recognizing two-mom families.



JB Answers

It has been proven that children raised by same sex couples are often better understood and supported than in a straight family as gay people understand bigotry and abuse and can raise their children aware.

In America children with special needs adopted by same sex couples has been proven to be beneficial to the child's development and absolutely no grooming takes place, that is media / straight political propaganda against the LGBT community to garner fear amongst the people and fear makes them vote for your lying deceitful party.

It is claimed that children need a Father and Mother figure - except what they hide behind is that THE VAST MAJORITY OF CHILDREN IN THE UK - DO NOT have a Father and Mother at home and the VAST MAJORITY of UK children are raised by single parents, grandparents, relatives and NOT a ma and pa at all.

I HAVE SAID IT BEFORE and I will say it again, LGBT laws around the world are taking a backward curve and many are decimalizing certain aspects of LGBT life that are protected in law and making them illegal - again. This betrayal of human decency - give something hard fought for and while it is beneficial to governments - keep protection in place and as soon as the Trumps and the bigots and the backward looking politicians want to grab a headline the first thing they do these days is find fault with the LGBT world and tell lies about how we are all groomers and perverts when the truth is - OVER 90 % OF CHILD ABUSE IS HETEROSEXUAL AND IT IS A MINORITY WHO ABUSE WITHIN THE LGBT WORLD WHILE BEING MASSIVELY UNDERESTIMATED WITHN THE HETERO WORLD.

We think we are protected here in the UK but as we see several EU countries backtracking on their LGBT laws and with Russia, Poland, Hungary and further afield the USA to name but a few western countries currently attacking LGBT - we had better watch out as things might just change as quickly here as well.

Never take anything for granted and it is about time PRIDE was a festival demanding change in these countries and where we collectively share responsibility for DEMANDING governments make change and stop just celebrating and getting pissed and laid on Pride day when we should all be showing solidarity to those less well protected in law.

But then, too many London Queens don't give a fuck about anything but their sex lives and fuck anyone and anything else. So many vacuous shallow empty faggots that bring shame to those who fight for change.

Their day will come and they will see the error of their ways and may even learn to be a little more thoughtful towards others as it is NOT all about me me me me me and ask them for even one name of a gay man who has fought for gay rights for decades and I bet few know or even like Peter Tatchell or Bryan Derbyshire - and of course the group from the 80;s 'LESBIANS AND GAYS FOR THE MINERS' - ( see the film PRIDE ) and yet none of us would be where we are today without them.

The fight is not over people. We may have rights, but it is NOT a right if you have to fight for it, and where at the whim of a political wind can change things completely and as in the USA - LGBT have become the evil through misdirected, blatantly untruthful and absolute BULLSHIT spread by politicians and the media and now LGBT is suffering the consequences of lying politicians using us as a cover to get elected by creating a problem that never existed in the first place.

You heard it here first and unless you pay attention and stop claiming ' Well I'm married so while I may have a secret gay sex life, it does not affect me ' - and if you are one of those, THEN YOU ARE THE WORST KIND OF GAY MEN THERE IS. Using us to get sex and then withdrawing back into your safe rabbit hole of family life with wife and children and you live the lie. You take what you want and then leave the mess you leave behind as not your concern. And then when the time is right, and when the shit hits the fan - you scream anti LGBT clap trap in order to remain hidden while WE KNOW - WE SEE - WE CAN TELL AND BOY - CAN WE TELL - as if you shit on us, we can do likewise.

Too many hypocrites - Too many lies - Too many scared little boys playing Sexual Hide and Seek and the victim is the wife and kids. t


John Bellamy

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