its wonderful to be welcoming you here again... and thanks

Having been closed for about a year in all between when we recently re opened and when this all started last March 2020, it is so good to be welcoming so many friendly and familiar faces back to Hamilton Hall.

During this period Hamilton Hall received generous donations to help us survive, one for $250 from someone in the USA and quite a few £100 - £150 donations from those who appreciate what we offer here - who understrand the importance of what we do here - who appreciate and value how the gay scene is closing down slowly and there are less and less venues available and how many who had bookings made and cancelled were offered a date change but gave up their bookings and told me to keep the money to help us through this period,. and I have been so in awe of the thoughtful and the kind hearted and it pleases me to see there are those who truly doi appreciate and understand what we are about.

This week someone causes a scene because he owed £19 for food which when paid on a credit card we add 10% as a tip for the staff and I got the law screamed at me and how I am breaking the law - which I am not - and he would not pay his bill refusing to pay it - even though we do ask for cash and the 10% is only added if you pay by card - so he had an alternative - and I got the house key thrown at me and all over a £1.90 tip and where he didn't even leave a tip for our hard working staff - and this man was here on a £30 off for the 2 nights he was here.


Some people actually look for problems and make them themselves rather than be respectful and nice, they want to cause a scene.

Another guest back at Christmas was here for an 8 week stay by someone else and where I donated a free week stay here so he could get here before any lockdown - so a free period here - and after being in my room every evening enjoying my smokes, my telly, and my friendship, turns into an asshole and throws abuse at us - leaving negative reports concerning me personally and this after enjoying my personal space, bullshitting us all about his life and so forth which we realised was just that, bullshit, and I do wonder why so many people who CLEARLY have some kind of emotional problem feel the need to throw it at me.

The few do spoil it for the rest and is exactly why venues close down.

We have a great group of guys here and do enjoy a laugh and this Naked Chill Out Weekend just finnishing has 4 people cancel and told me to keep the monies towards the free holidays we offer - and the kindness and good will melts my heart. In my world, we meet a huge amount of really nice people who have come here with all the right intentions, not to find fault in everything as some do, but to relax, chill out, have some fun and laughs and return home feeling better... less stressed, less anxious and less scared for the future.

It is very sad that so many seem to have problems and want to throw their venim at innocent people and scream the house down rather than look at their own actions and make changes. I may not be perfect but I do my best to be there for others and when they take take take and then scream in return, it is hard to know exactly who is trustwoirthy and who is genuine and who is real and who is full of shit and who is actually going to turn into a cunt and who is going to try and get us shut down and for what - because I stand up to them and tell them to fuck off - because they have met their match - because they envy and resent Hamilton Hall and all it stands for - because it is not theirs - and because so many just want to make others feel as miserable as they are and cannot stand to see others living a joyous life they envy.

Since re opening we have had a plethora of guests come time and time again and one has already been back 5 times and that must be a record in such a short period of time ... and he is booked in again next week.

I think we need to prepare for the fact that this will go on for several years yet to come with new varients, new frights, new ideas and new ways of doing the things we took for granted - and I do believe we are all going to have to adapt and make changes in our life journey simply because it is not going to be that way again.

So despite the few who cause trouble and throw abuse at us - we are here to welcome you all back to the only venue of its kind in all of Europe and one that spends tens of thousands of £ every year offering free holidays to the needy and before you say anything, no other venue on the LGBTQ scene offers this, and then people scream abuse at us and try to destropy my business that is based in helping others as a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE.


So be nice people. Bring the best of you here and we will welcome you with the best of us. Everything goes two ways and I do bark and do stand up and defend my business and will niot allow anyone to destroy a thing of beauty, even if I am a fruit cake sometimes.

John Bellamy