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Karen Lauritzen, who was named as Idaho's "Teacher of the Year" - now chased out of the state.

Idaho loses its 'Teacher of the Year' after right-wing parents chase her out of stat Karen Lauritzen, who was named as Idaho's "Teacher of the Year" last year by a Republican administration, has now been chased out of the state by angry right-wing parents.

The Boston Globe reports that, shortly after receiving her award for excellence in teaching, Lauritzen became the target of a right-wing media campaign that flagged her social media posts expressing support for LGBTQ rights and the Black Lives Matter movement.

This led to parents angrily demanding to see her lesson plans, despite the fact that there was no suggestion she ever brought her personal politics into the classroom. However, parents nonetheless objected to teaching students about other cultures around the world and even teaching them about the United Nations on the grounds that the parents said they "don't believe" in the institution. “I should have felt celebrated and should have felt like this is a great year, and honestly it was one of the toughest years I have ever had teaching, not only with my community but with parents questioning every decision I made as well,” Lauritzen told the Globe. “Even after 21 years of teaching, my professional judgment was called into question more this year than it ever has in the past.” The longtime Idaho teacher has since left the state and the Globe reports she is now "taking her talents to a university in Illinois, a long-considered career move hastened by the experience."

John Bellamy Comments: America is going right down the cess pit of global disgust. I am truly shocked how the USA - Trump - has caused and created so much fear and hatred of the LGBTQ crowd - and of Black Lives Matter and anyone he sees as a target to help get him votes by rallying his ' troops - followers' against the Bogey Man - claiming they have Jesus on their side and how America is as Trump sees it and the dumb fuckers follow like rats behind the Pide Piper.

When an awarded teacher is hounded out of her job and state - it sends a very sad and pathetic story of where America is at and how backward millions of them are. Backward - dumb - stupid - empty minded - easily led and even brainwashed.

And this is where America is sadly headed and when out of 350 million people all they can come up with is a bumbling old man - Biden - to oppose Trump, what does that say about the future of politics and Americas standing in the world ? When the vast amount of Senators are in the pocket of corporate power - and when most are as corrupt and dishonest as they possible can be - and where the people actually are proud of how Trump evades taxes etc. it makes no sense at all - absolutely no sense at all - how the people - WHY the people, gather behind Trump as if he was the Savior - the Christ - when all I see is the Anti Christ - the evil one, the blasphemer, the one who is introducing the darkness of fear and hate - and claiming to be a good Jesus follower when the exact reverse is the case.

America is doomed and sadly will take a lot of others down with them and the world is going on a downward spiral towards the fascist right and these gullible fools are walking to their deaths with their eyes wide open and cheering as they go.

Dumb Mother Fuckers.

The future is not Orange. The future is dark and frightening in its potential, especially for LGBTQ - so stop being so content and arrogant because we have LGBTQ rights in the UK as see just how fast the worm can turn - as in Poland, Hungary, America, Russia and we could be facing much the same harassment and abuse - as we did 50 years ago, all over again.


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