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Kevin Spacey found not guilty of U.K. sexual assault charges

The four men who testified against him in the trial described him as a "sexual bully."

A British jury has found Kevin Spacey not guilty of nine counts of sexual assault after four men accused him of forcing himself on them between 2001 and 2013, time during which Spacey mostly spent serving as artistic director of London’s Old Vic theater.

According to CBS News, all four men, as well as Spacey, testified in the trial, with the men describing the former House of Cards star as a “sexual bully.” Spacey reportedly began to cry when the jury announced its verdict after 12 hours of deliberation.

Jury finds Kevin Spacey not liable in Anthony Rapp’s sexual assault lawsuit. “I pledge to keep on advocating for efforts to ensure that we can live and work in a world that is free from sexual violence of any kind,” Rapp said.

JB COMMENTS: Anthony Rapp is a gay actor who plays a gay men in a Star Trek series and I am astounded he makes these sorts of claims against Spacey when gay men have very different agendas surrounding sexuality and are not so ' up tight' around sex and it astounds he uses this to garner attention while destroying another.

Kevin Spacey and Anthony Rapp. The accusers must remain anonymous under British law. The New York Times reported that one of the complainants said he fell asleep while having a drink at Spacey’s home and woke up to Spacey performing oral sex on him. Spacey disputed the claim, saying the sex was consensual but the man then left quickly and seemed to regret it.

( JB COMMENTS: How typical to have regrets AFTER having gay sex... haven't we all heard this tens of thousands of times before ? So called straight man enjoys gay sex and then is as guilty as shit and calling the other person an abuser and it only happened because they were drunk - Oh that lame old excuse again... 'I was to drunk - He took advantage of me - I didn't know what I was doing '

Oh really - You lying hypocrite.'

Another man said that Spacey grabbed his genitals while they drove to Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball, but John told the court that Spacey did not attend the ball in the year he was accused.

Spacey’s lawyer, Patrick Gibbs, claimed three of the accusers were lying and just wanted money from Spacey. He said Spacey was just an “easy target” due to his promiscuity.

Prior to the allegations against Spacey, he was known as an Academy Award-winning actor who appeared in The Usual Suspects (1995), L.A. Confidential (1997), American Beauty (1999), and Recount (2008). He also starred in House of Cards, which was Netflix’s first original program on television, for five seasons.

Then in October 2017, several men alleged that Spacey had sexually harassed or assaulted them as children or teens, offenses that allegedly took place as far back as the 1980s. Out award-winning actor Anthony Rapp was one of Spacey’s first accusers.

In denying the allegations, Spacey ended up coming out publicly for the first time. A court later found Spacey not liable for damages sought by Rapp. All the other U.S. charges against Spacey were either dropped by prosecutors, dismissed by courts, or withdrawn by his accusers.

In 2020, Spacey was ordered via arbitration to pay $31 million to MRC, the studio that produced House of Cards, for allegedly violating its sexual harassment policy. Sexual misconduct allegations against Spacey from the show’s crew members caused Netflix to drop episodes it had ordered from MRC. Spacey’s appeal to have the $31 million payment overturned was denied on August 4, 2022.

JB Comments: So the studio finds him guilty even before a court trial in which he is foung NOT GUILTY.

Earlier this month, one of Spacey’s accusers in the U.K. trial said Spacey only came out as gay in 2017 in order to “disguise” the sexual misconduct claims against him. The man said Spacey had directed a “machine gun” of sexual comments toward him before groping his crotch inside of a London theater. The accuser said the alleged assault felt like it lasted an “eternity,” leaving him feeling “belittled” and “worthless.”

(JB Comments:- So - You work in the theatre, full of LGBT - A man gropes you and you feel belittled and worthless - GET A FUCKING GRIP....GROW UP .... This is just attention seeking rubbish and if you are aman and this sooooo disturbs you, then I suggest therapy as anything would disturb you if you are that easily disturbed. GET A GRIP. )

The accuser also said that he couldn’t believe Spacey’s “insensitive” 2017 coming out, claiming that Spacey only came out to “disguise” a wave of sexual misconduct accusations against him. The accuser also said the coming out showed Spacey “not taking ownership” of his past behavior.

JB Comments: How about the accuser taking responsibility for HIS actions.

London’s renowned Old Vic Theatre, where Spacey served for years as artistic director, found 20 allegations of abuse or misconduct against Spacey. Following the theater’s investigation, various criminal or civil proceedings against Spacey began taking place in various jurisdictions. Even a member of the Norwegian royal house accused Spacey of touching him inappropriately without consent.


I am very pleased this has worked out the way it has. Too many people jumping on the band wagon claiming all sorts of unproveable sexual misconduct abuses against famous people and time and time again - MONEY is the key factor and since Jimmy Saville, the police are massively trying to prove themselves able to tackle the problem of paedophilia in the UK and yet time and time again they take on cases that are fake, unproveable, and just attention seeking for the police to be seen to be doing what they should have done with Jimmy Saville, and now take on any public figure because of the publicity the police will get, and like the case of Cliff Richards - fake fake fake and the police had to pay compensation for getting it wrong - but the damage against Cliff Richards has been done - emotionally - physically and there will always be those who will continue to believe the lie and ' there's no smoke without fire' - even after being found not guilty and that the police fabricated evidence etc.

The police have not proven themselves capable of coping with these sort of cases and the public are whipped up into a frenzy of hate and bigotry and all because the police didn't do their job in the first place and as in the case in Rochdale and Rotherham, where the police didn't want to bust a Pakistani Paedophile Ring in case they were called racist - BEGGARS BELIEF - so they left a group of grown men to continue abusing girls from the age of 13 in case they were seen as racist. READ MORE ON THIS HERE


Genuine rape - Genuine sexual abuse - Genuine grooming - needs addressing - of course, and as so much sexual abuse towards children in from either ' WITHIN THE FAMILY ' or 'A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY' - OR or even FROM A PRIEST - THAT is what needs addressing and the way the police are incompetent.

The vast majhority of sexual abuses against children are heterosexual and NPOT homosexual. Of course there is a percentage of gay men who abuse children but the vast majority are straight. But according to the media and the mass of misinformation out there, you'd think it was all by men and drag queens grooming kids for the GAY AGENDA - and as an out gay man for over 50 years, I have NEVER EVER HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT A GAY AGENDA except from the bigots and homophobes and the media who claim all sports of mis informative things to get the public off their back and onto some other innocent soul whose life is ruined by bigots - and this has to stop.

I am pleased Kevin Spacey has been found innocent and maybe the craze for blaming others for something that was innocently done, stops.


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