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Lesbian Week doesn't even mention gay men.

Lesbian Week doesn't even mention gay men.

IGLTA is proud to celebrate Lesbian Visibility Day on 26 April and aims -

to cultivate an inclusive environment for all lesbian women, non-binary people, and BTQIA+ communities alike.

Since its inception in 2008 this special occasion has provided a platform for individuals such as Lena Waithe and Megan Rapinoe to share important messages about representation issues regarding the lesbian community.

As of 2020 it was expanded into Lesbian Visibility Week throughout the United Kingdom, honoring those who have come out publicly and shared their stories from around the world.


Many overlook the truth here - in that all these non-binary people, and BTQIA+ communities and treading on the coast tails, following in the journey, set down and facilitated originally by gay men, who fought and went to prison fighting for gay rights, and did not differentiate between gay, bi, trans etc. - it was inclusive. Naturally there were lesbians and all sorts joining the gay men on that journey but their visibility was probably overshadowed by the amount of gay men, and it took numbers - feet on the ground campaigning, that got gay rights into law - and the rest - followed along and now, we are being ignored.

Now we have done all the hard work, we are ignored and not even counted as part of the Lesbian Week that, in all honesty, I have never even heard of before yet gay men are nowhere to be mentioned.

Shameful. Absolutely shameful and most certainly - NOT GOOD ENOUGH.


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