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Dear John

Yes! By all means share my story and you can say Gerry M. not a problem.  

After all I've shown my ass three times as Malcolm McDowell's nude body double on old episodes of that cable show FRANKLIN & BASH.

He is the nicest man and those blue eyes!  The last time I did the show and doubled for him, his character had rented his Malibu house out to the "boys" Franklin & Bash.

But he still showed up to do "nude" yoga on his balcony overlooking the Pacific. 

They had me doing a "downward facing dog" pose.


I'm sure there is a Penthouse shot of my hole on some video screen of an editor or producer somewhere.  Nice to know my booty still somewhat looks the same 8+ yrs later.  LOL

 I'd love to come over and take a Tantric workshop with you. We'll see what I can wrangle up. 


Loved my trip to LONDON back in 2018.  But this time I need to see the rest of the UK.   And as for Mr. Trump. We here in the US are worried that he "admires" Putin so much that Ukraine is going to fall to him if Trump gets elected and the Republicans don't get their heads out of their asses and stop playing politics.  The largest nuclear plant is about to go into a meltdown.  We need Putin to lose the Crimea and put him and Trump in a spaceship and deposit them on the moon.

I worked on the Miss Universe show in three countries.  This man is a cunt and a womanizer. He needs to be thrown into jail for just asking the Georgia representatives for 11,000 more votes so he could claim victory as President. 

He along with all the other white misogynistic men in this country have got to realize that they are NOT in charge anymore and just quietly retire to their private golf clubs where they can bitch and moan and watch their stock portfolios grow.  

Wow. Didn't know I really felt that way!  

See attached shot of me from the last episode I did for Malcolm.

Before the downward facing dog pose. LOL 


Peace and blessings, Gerry M.



Dear John and Hamilton Hall.

I have lived in the USA for almost 50 years - originally from Bristol, and moved here for a job. I have been retired for over a dozen years and while I love it here, many things have changed in the last decade or so that has really shown the USA to be the most awful country on the planet, to its own people.

Extreme racism.

Extreme LGBT fear - especially trans.

Extreme fear of allowing women rights over abortion and control over their own body.

Extreme fear of anyone non white and non Christian.

Extreme fear of the police - especially if you are black, Hispanic or just another color to white.

Extreme fear of foreigners - period.

Extreme fear of the rest of the world.

What it also has in extremes :-

Extreme arrogance to assume the world envies America and how everyone wants to live in the USA. Extreme political bullying assuming it can bully its way around the globe either with arms ( the war machine ) or by bribing ( buying ) people and countries with tens of billions of $.

Extreme ignorance about other cultures and countries.

Extreme warped sense of self entitled behaviour - with just about anyone and everyone.

Extremely bad health service unless you can afford it.

Extreme number of people in prison - equalling 25% of the entire worlds prison population being in the USA

Extreme use of electric and gas - totalling around 25% of the entire worlds production but for only 8% of the worlds population.

and to top it all The most extreme politicians anywhere - full of corruption and if you even mention Trump - the whole conversation explodes over here, bit like with Brexit did back before Covid 19 in the UK.

America is heading for a civil war and that's why so many people are leaving - and even we are thinking of moving out of Florida with its LGBT and book hating Governor Ron DeSantis with his fake smile and hatred of Disney and anyone who opposes - as he is just as bad as Trump.

It's a beautiful country John but in such a mess in all aspects and there is big time trouble coming soon. David B.


John: I read your Newsletter thing every week and have to ask why you beat up on America so much. We run the world. We are the police force, army and government of the whole world so why do you all seem to hate us so much. Randolph

Oh dear, dear Randolph. BOY ARE YOU MISTAKEN AND IGNORANT TO THE TRUTH. You DO NOT run the world and in fact, just look at the mess the USA is in to see you cannot even govern your own country let alone the whole bloody planet. How foolish are you ?

You ARE NOT the police force of the world at all - what you ARE - is bullies who bully their way around the world raping and just taking what you want for the USA with no thought, no actual thought, for the long term damage you do.

The UK learned with Colonialism 200 years ago that - it didn't work - yet in present time here we have the USA bullying its way around the world making enemies everywhere it goes - and you simply don't get it - do you ?

You claim we all envy, resent, are jealous when we are not - but you don't like the truth that - to put it gently - some parts of your culture and your politics - suck. As does your appalling health care system - 38th in the world behind even Cuba, Spain, France and the UK: - Maternity leave - non existent and thousands of rights that people have in Europe that simply are not available in the USA and - people suffer.

Randolph, there is a lot you need to grasp before assuming - WRONGLY - that the USA is paved with gold and everyone is a millionaire ;- as just look at your homeless and how tens of thousands LIVE IN THEIR CARS and do not constantly hark on about immigration is to blame as YOU ARE AN IMMIGRANT as are every member of your family in the USA - as EVERYONE originally is an immigrant so stop your double standards and stop blaming the LGBT - Jews - Muslims _ non whites / Blacks and Hispanics and anyone and everyone who does not come up to your white supremist Evangelical Christian belief structure that so many spouse while wanting to go against what the Bible says and even alter your Constitution because they follow the new Jesus - Trump.

No Randolph, America is NOT the greatest except maybe for lying corrupt corporate led politicians - I will give you that.

John Bellamy --------------------------------------

John: If Trump gets in again, can I come and live at yours instead. I am currently at home in New England and cannot fathom what life will be like if that asshole gets back into power so just covering my bets here - and if he gets re elected, UK HERE I COME. Rod.Mc.


So, I just can't shake this sad feeling I have had since my husband told me this story today.

I wasn't going to share it, but then decided that if it could enlighten one person, that it would be worth it.

We live and work in Sarasota Florida in health care - and my husband, Dustin, was at work yesterday, sitting at a big lunch table of about 15 people.

One of the guys starts telling the whole group a story about a Halloween party that he attended this past Halloween.

The guy says 'OMG, my brother came to the party and had the best costume. He went as a RETARD! Oh man, it was hilarious ! ! He was awesome. He looked like such a good retard!'

My husband was totally taken aback and just sat there pretty stunned for a moment while he gathered his thoughts. It made him ashamed to be part of this group.

Meanwhile some of the guys were laughing at the story, while some were just listening. So Dustin, almost giving the impression that he was going along with it said, with a small smile,

'Well, wait, what does a retard look like?'

The guy just said 'I don't know, but he was good! He was the perfect retard.'

So a couple seconds go by while Dustin took out his phone and pulled up this picture of our daughter and then pushed his phone to the center of the table.

He said 'This is my little girl, Raegan' and all the guys, including the storyteller, lean in to look and they all start saying 'Awww, she's adorable!' 'Wow, Cute kid, man' etc...

Dustin then looked at the storyteller and said

'Thanks, she is amazing. She has Down syndrome. So, I'm sure you can imagine that I don't appreciate this costume conversation. I'm just wondering, Is she what a retard looks like, to you?'

Of course, mouths dropped and there was total silence while the guy tried to say that wasn't what he meant, on and on.... Dustin just went on to explain why that word is so hurtful, shouldn't be used, and especially how insulting it was to use it as a joke and a costume. You cannot say the 'N' word so why is it considered okay to use other insulting words ? Yeah, I'm sure it was pretty uncomfortable for everyone involved. But I think that those people at the lunch table probably went home with a little better understanding of why that word is so offensive and hurtful, especially to a family like ours and especially from people who are suppose to now better when clearly they do not. And I think one guy in particular probably went home feeling like a total jerk. At least some good came out of it, but it still makes me feel so sad that some people look at our kids as a joke. I've said it a thousand times. There are so many words in the dictionary that you can use in place of the "R" word. Please, for Raegan's sake, consider using a different one.

This is America people and not a third world nation - you should know better.'



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