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QUEER : odd, eccentric, suspect, of questionable character, slightly ill, faint, spoil, put out of order, homosexual man.
As an out gay man of over 50 years - I DO NOT recognise as QUEER -

and yet so many use the term LGBTQ - the Q standing for QUEER and I DO NOT recognise as that and never will and - will never recognise anyone else using the word either. I don't know who in the gay world comes up with all these flags and symbols for all the different sexualities - BUT - A bear IS NOT a sexuality, it is a body type and many who claim to be bears are not bears at all, they are smooth and no bears are smooth, and all they are is BULK - or fat - of large proportions, and THAT IS NOT A BEAR and since when has being a bear been a sexuality ?

( and if you are offended by me calling you fat - and you are fat - then I shall laugh at your denial of the truth as - GET REAL PEOPLE......)

And is you are a lesbian WTF is there a double sides axe in your flag for - and a lipstick lesbian - again - is NOT a sexuality it is a choice - a style - and this will change as people mature - and IS NOT a sexuality like being gay is. A Lesbian is a sexuality, if we are to break it down in to all its many parts, then we will start to have even more flags... Just imagine if we start having a flag for TWINKS, LEATHER MEN, RUBBER MEN, SMOOTHIES, BOTTOMS, TOPS etc. as all we are doing is going back to the hanky code of the 70's and 80's and see where that one went and how many took it up... a VERY SMALL MINORITY and to the rest, it was just a silly laugh.

We are still in danger of radical countries like Russia, Poland, Hungary, besides many Muslim countries where being gay is a death sentence - and where many EU countries mentioned have reversed their LGBT laws to create LGBT FREE ZONES - which is absolute BOLLOCKS - as how do they intend to do that ? but we are still at risk and whatever flag to choose will be the one stitched onto your prison garb one day and as we line up for the showers, we may remember history has taught us nothing at all.

We are all in danger of getting lost - confused and bewildered by the array of choices we are expected to make and why would any of us wish to pigeon hole ourselves into a certain type, a flag, when we are all - by and large - sexual beings and WTF are we doing giving a symbol to what you choose to be and what you choose to do and who you choose to do it with and - all this ends up being somewhat pathetic and somewhat sad for those who feel the need to find acceptance in a flag.

Why did the PINK TRIANGLE loose favour with the gay crowd, as this sent a powerful message about the genocide of the gay world by Hitler and the concentration camps and how tens of thousands of gay were butchered by the Nazi just for being gay. Has the gay world forgotten all about this horror that seems to have been whitewashed from history and whitewashed BY THE GAY COMMUNITY by replacing the Pink Triangle with the rainbow flag ?

We are human beings - so where is the symbol for that - the flag - the one we all share regardless of colour, religion, sexuality or ANYTHING - We may celebrate our differences but when are we going to celebrate our humanity - our being part of one global family and when - instead of teaching separation and difference, are we to celebrate our coming together as family regardless of anything ?

John Bellamy

So how did you the reader respond to this list. Your e mails, or some of them, are below.

What a fuck up John. All those silly flags indicating what sexuality you recognise as. I was confused to say the least. What a dumb dumb dumb thing. Malcolm.

Like you - when I read the list I read BIGENDER as BIG BENDER. Is LITHROMANTIC printed sexuality. Is NEUTROIS someone who is neurotic. TRIGENDER - is this someone who tries anything and everything ? AROMANTIC is this all about smells., Sorry, but I found this whole thing sad and somewhat pathetic. Toby H.

Honestly John. I have never answered anything on your Blog before but your list of flags and symbols for the different sexualities did make me laugh, and mad at the same time. It is all just so sad that so many feel the need to have acceptance and a symbol to show who and what they are rather than just being who they are and being happy with that.

Simon .

Loved your comical piece about the flags for different sexualities. What a load of crap John. What a total mess. David

Thanks for sharing the sexual flags with us John. Now I know I must be a Bear with a hint of Trigender ( as I'll try anything once ) and I am definitely BIGENDER as I am a real BIG BENDER, and as for being GENDER FLUID, when I cum I am definitely GENDER FLUID... oh the choices - the choices !!!!! How damned confusing for kids these days. How damned confusing for us mature adults coming to terms with this - this - er - load of tosh, rubbish, crap, bollocks, misguided incomprehensible attempt to help - but that absolutely just confuses. Jack.

I printed out the list of flags you offered us last week in the Blog and asked tons of my friends at work if they knew of these - and as all are gay and lesbians, not one knew most of the flags or what they even stood for and many hadn't a clue. So much for that then John.


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