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Liverpool to loose 'World Hertage Site' status.

After a decade in the balance, Liverpool’s world heritage status has been revoked. At its 44th annual conference, the Unesco World Heritage International Committee voted to demote Liverpool’s city centre and waterfront site.

The United Nations organisation cites what appear to be irreconcilable differences on how the city should develop around its heritage.

Preserving that is of the greatest importance. Liverpool, after all, is not just a handsome city that played a key role in the UK’s development, but was also at the heart of the international mercantile system of the 18th and 19th centuries and a centre for the darkest aspects of empire. The transatlantic slave trade remains written into its waters.

The row between the city and the UN, however, is about what Liverpool is to be, now. As Michael Parkinson, who has studied the city for 40 years, writes, it cannot be seen as a museum or a monument. Decades of socio-economic decline and tenacious renaissance have seen docks abandoned, refilled and dreamt upon. Bramley Dock is to house Everton FC’s new home, bringing in jobs, funds and fans.

Will Unesco’s deletion hamper the city’s bid for renewal or spur it along?

John Bellamy Comments:

It does seem odd giving a World Heritage Site to a place that is destined to change at the hands of man in the here and now and not because of decades of errosion. It is not a dessert or a coast line but a functioning, vibrant living city - full of business, life and commerce. It is not about to sit still because some WHS people state it must. That is naive and stupid.

Pulling down statues that represent slave traders is dumb and are we now to look at whole harbour fronts and all the grand old buildings in cities like Liverpool as they were built to support the cotton / sugar / tea and various imports brought in from countries where the UK had slaves.

Are we now to pull down the harbour front as its background is in slavery like we are madly doing with statues ?

When will the dumb fuckwits realise that this just destroys history and all those slaves died for nothing.

So who in the long run is the racist. The person who ran a legal business - all legal in its day - and where the government and people of the UK BENEFITTED from these industries and the wealth was shared :

Or the manic person in the 21st century only screaming about racism because it gets these boring uninteresting people noticed- as otherwise, they wouldn't be.

We all know racism is bad and it is often the blacks who are the worst racist like the gays are the worst homophobes. Racists love to accuse others of being racist as an excuse to hide their own bigotry and a way of getting people on their side when the truth is, no one would ever give them the time of day but scream abuse and everyone pays you attention and for those sad bastards who abuse others to get attention aiming to be standing for the morals of the UK, YOU ARE NOT - YOU ARE DESTROYING THE MORAL FABRIC OF THE UK AND GOOD AND DECENT PEOPLE ARE BEING DRAGGED FOR BEING SOMETHING THEY ARE NOT - AND THE TROUBLE MAKERS - JUST LOVE THE ATTENTION.

Black Lives Matter

All Lives Matter,.

Black Lives in the USA are in trouble from the police murdering and brutally attacking black and asian communities and then blame racism when it is the police who are the racists. It is white folk who are the racist in America but many within the black community do little to help their own cause - but I agree, more so in the USA than any other white coutry it is the white folks who are the problem.

Oh, went a bit off subject there...

It is time civilised countries that claim to be civilised, GROW THE FUCK UP and start acting that way instead of creating LGBT FREE ZONES like in Poland.

If we are to have World Heritage Sites, things adapt and change, coastlines erode, forests burn, desserts move, water courses change, rivers and inland oceans dry up and disappear as humankind adapts and changes its enviropnment to suit itself, and the World Heritage people - maybe - need to grow and evolve along with the way Mother Nature and our homes and living spaces cannot, and MUST NOT - stagnate and remain constantly the same - and new growth and new creation of life is what made these World Heritage Sites in the first place.

John Bellamy



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