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I came out to my mother when I was just 16.

The first words out of her mouth were - ' What about when you get old, won't you be lonely with no children and grandchildren.'

As if elderly people who have been married and have all the family trappings of kids and grandkids, aren't lonely.

Many elderly people find themselves alone and lonely as children grow and move on with their lives - ofyten moving abroad or to another city or county and parents can find themselves only visited at Christmas and maybe special occasions, but never on a day to day basis.

Why assuming being gay should make a person extra lonely because they have no children is beyond me.

Most elderly people I know are chronically lonely, rarely seeing family, and where friends a have died off around them and solitude is common.

My own Mother was not exactly an easy women and after seeing two husbands into the grave, and where her own children learned early how difficult she was, she ended up alone and lonely and we did what we could, but she never learned and never changed and all the reasons us children left in the first place, were still all prevalent and - it was hard work coping with her and she got exactly what she bought into.

No friends or family seeing her more than - maybe - once a fortnight - and that is a long time for someone at home, retired, alone and lonely.

Lots of our readers and guests at Hamilton Hall are lonely and it takes so little just to start a conversation and see how they join in and their eyes light up.

It is so different for me as I am surrounded with people all the time, and even when the hotel is empty there are still the 3 guys here with me and while we have our own rooms - Woody and I tend to watch telly together and his brother Gary will pop up some time in the evening and share a laugh for an hour and solitude, it hard to find.

Hamilton Hall is here for you and is a place where many make new friends and even if not for the rest of eternity, a few days with laughter and friendly chatter is enough to brighten anyones lonely life even if just for a few days.

Share yourself with the elderly and see how you brighten their day.



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