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Lonely disabled 80-year-old woman is left 'upset' after being fined £100 at Morrisons

Her car was parked outside the supermarket for two hours and six minutes. The maximum stay time allowed to park in the Morrisons car park is 90 minutes.

A disabled 80-year-old woman was fined £100 at Morrisons because she took too long to do her shopping.

Ann Tawe-Jones parked up at the store to do her shop - while also taking time to chat and enjoy the company of other shoppers.

Her car was parked outside the supermarket for two hours and six minutes - breaking the 90-minute maximum stay rules in Swansea, South Wales.

Mrs Jones, who is disabled and uses a walking stick, says she then received a £100 fine for overstaying in Morfa Shopping Park.

Ann said: 'I'm very upset because I live on my own and I'm 80 years old. It's a lonely life and I need the politeness and respect of people without them being rude to me.

'When you're shopping and spending a lot of money in the shop you want some courtesy.'

Mrs Jones, of Swansea, added: 'Imagine, I'm disabled, 80 years of age. I get my food and things like milk might have run out and I'll have to get somebody to go outside and get more.

'When I'm in the shop, I have to lean on the trolley, because I'm in so much pain.'

The fine was issued on January 19 by Euro Car Parks - which manages the parking at the site.

It is the second fine Mrs Jones has been issued in the past two years after she was also charged by Euro Car Parks at Neath Morrisons car park.

Mrs Jones said she only became aware of the rules after she complained to the supermarket's customer service desk about her recent parking ticket.

She said she was 'very upset' by the way she was treated and is now trying to find a solution to move around the supermarket faster.

Mrs Jones added the mobility scooters were hard to manoeuvre and get out of to reach for the items she needed.

A spokesperson for Morrisons said: 'We appreciate Mrs Jones's situation and we have been in touch with her directly to resolve it.

'All of our carparks have signage that clearly highlight the allotted time allowed for customers to park.'

Mail Online have contacted Euro Car Parks for a comment.


Many years ago I asked my elderly Mother why she went shopping everyday for something, and her answer broke my heart.

She said that ' If I don't go out every day and go to the shops, I get to see and speak to no one at all, all day long, and if as you suggest I stock up and just shop once a week, I am completely alone all week and no one to talk to.'

Living a busy life as I do where I am surrounded by people all the time and rarely get much time to myself ( I am a twin remember and even in the womb I shared the space ) , this hit me and made me stop and think.

Many elderly people like to shop and chat to the girl on the till, to the man behind the butchers counter and even to other shoppers, and it is an event, it is a social moment and alleviates the boredom of isolation. If on a timer to having to shop and get out quickly for fear they will be fined £100 as in the case above, then this adds to old peoples isolation as they are fearful of overstaying and being once again penalised by a money grabbing private car park company who do not give a shit about people, it is all about profits.

It is understandable the car park does not want long stay cars parked using the space for shoppers and probably not even shopping but working locally and just expect to use their car park for free, and I understand all this, but this is not at all offering any compassion towards those who are disabled or a little slow, or who even may want to stop in the supermarket and have a coffee and a sandwich while out, and YOU HAVE TO DRINK AND EAT UP REAL FAST OR BE FINED ????? ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS.

It also seems that different stores and different branches of the same company, like Morrisons, have different lengths of time allowed and these can vary from car park to car park, and this may be signed, but who the fuck has even read the signs to see how long the store is allowing you to spend money in their store.

This is not just restricted to Morrisons but is the same at all supermarkets where free parking is offered. With these supermarkets making millions / billions profit, it is about time the elderly and disabled were rewarded some extra space and time in shopping.

I sincerely hope Morrisons pays the fine for her and if they do not, then that is disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

I feel for the lady involved and do hope this does not spoil her shopping outing and chatter to staff for company.


Same goes for hospital car parks. Privately run and outrageously expensive and where they have a captive market. The money DOES NOT GO BACK INTO THE NHS it goes to a private car park company who may pay to use / facilitate / run the site - WHICH WILL BE NOMINAL COMPARED TO THE MONEY THEY MAKE, but ALL PROFITS ARE RETAINED BY THE CAR PARK and are NOT given towards costs at the NHS at all.

In Bournemouth Hospital, even the nurses have to pay to park at work - and this is disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful.

Where is compassion and peoples humanity ?

Corporate power doesn't give a damn about people, just profits.


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