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‘Love has to prevail’and more news from the week

Lee Pearson triumphed in the Paralympic dressage to claim his 12th gold, and followed it with a heartfelt plea.

" Love has to prevail, really. Whatever shape or form, I think love has to prevail. If you’re born with a disability, if you have a child with a disability, if you’re born with same-sex attraction, if your daughter comes out or your son, then just love them. Nobody wants to be different but we have to embrace different people because that’s society, that’s the world. Those different people they’re not going anywhere. So you can say it’s illegal, you can make them feel awful, but somewhere in the world another gay boy or girl will be born. Somewhere in the world someone will be born with no limbs. Do you know what I mean? Life goes on and it’s silly in this day and age when we have countries that are still in the stone age, as we say, 100 years behind. But I’m just a horse rider. Promise.”

To read the rest of the article - CLICK HERE

JB Comments: Beautiful words above, so beautifully put together and so beautifully spoken - made me humble to this man and his wisdoms and tallent. Top Marks.

Far Right Pastor Freakout Claims ‘Vaccines Are Gonna Quit Working’ Until America ‘Repents’ for LGBTQ Rights and Abortion.

Radical right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn used his livestream broadcast Monday night to falsely declare that COVID-19 vaccines are not working because, he claimed, the United States is under God’s judgment for tolerating reproductive freedom and LGBTQ rights.

Read the article about this dumb Mother Fucker HERE

It never fails to amaze me how many dumb fuckwits there are out there claiming to be spreading the world of God / Allah and yet know fuck all about what they say and just make up untruths to get other dim wits following along. And they do follow along, which is desperately sad for so many dumb mothgers who believe with all their hearts and soul a VERY negative and destructive path to the scriptures and damn and destroy others who are equally God's creatures and equally as worthy of life - and yet these holy people damn and try to destroy and that, my friends, is spiritually unenlightened and UnGodly.


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