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It makes no difference the size of your cock - BALLS - we all have them ( we men that is ) and some are low hangers that flop around and can be enjoyed in an assortment of ways - or they can be tight tight tight balls that tighten up when you get an erection and there is nothing to play with as they are too tight - see below.

Here are some examples of low hangers and tight balls.

I personally have low hangers and attach an assortment of leather straps and can hang huge weights - up to 90lb from y balls and can also fuck ass with my cock AND balls at the same time and as they hang down up to 8 inches - it is enough to use for a multitude of fun things.

Having agreat dick is wonderful - Having great balls is a bonus. Here are some for you too enjoy and if you have any photos to share - don't be shy - send them in and I shall put them here for others to see - anonymously.

Now this takes some guts and practice...

Is this Santa on his summer holidays ?

Don't painc. Keep calm. This does not hurt, so stop screaming. It is actually really very enjoyable if and when you get into 'Ball Work' as much as you do cock work.

Now this below is even extreme for me, who hung up to 90lb from my balls and can swing these weights around to my hearts content from my balls, but to take my body weight - ooo think that could damage and tear and I have always poulled back from going 'over the top' and stoppd adding extra weights at 90lb.. However, I could have taken more but always shied away in case of damage. I have seen somewhere a video of a guy hanging in his hallway by just his balls, his entire body weight - and while being impressive, could be dangerous, so always play safe.

Fabulous balls below... OMG.

This is shy little me ... below... such a smooth ass and I always wanted to be hairy...

Lovely plums...

Silicone - implants - DO NOT GO THERE - it sets and goes hard and lumpy and looks okay but feels awful and is NOT a good look. Many die from silicone poisoning and I have seen some badly, and I mean BADLY - siliconed dicks and balls and they have lost all use of their cock because of it. Deforming yourself to be huge is a waste of time if you loose the use of your cock...


Eunochs in the Biblical stories who looked after the women in the harem were always thought to be castrated, so the women would be safe - but this misinformation is in error and Biblical writings have been mistranslated to hide the true story. Gay men were often the Eunochs as they had no interest in the women and this was common practice. They held important positions within the palace and the women in the harem were sexually frustrated as they were NOT kept for sex with the King / owner - they were possessions in a gilded cage - no more than pretty vases on display or handsome Arabian Stallions - just possessions and NOT to have sex with and besides, with all those women living under one roof, with all the women coming into sync with their monthly periods, the place would have stunk once a month.

This guy below has almost no balls at all as when erect they withdraw really up tight. Try using a shoe lace. Just tie your balls up with a loose shoe lace and this will stop them going back inside if and when erect or extra cold.

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