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Macmillan's Coffee Morning / Tax Office is incpmpetent.

Some years ago I advertised widely, put up posters and was expecting people to come to my Macmillan's Coffee Morning - hugely advertised all over the telly, and after baking cakes and scones, after getting the place ready - NOT ONE SINGLEPERSON TURNED UP....NOT ONE, and yet was all to help raise money for the charity.

I ended up sending £50 from my own money to cover the costs of the posters etc. sent from MacMillan's and it was somewhat disheartening.

This was before Covid and lockdown so people were not as hung up about their finances as they are today and I was genuinely astounded not one single person turned up.

So I shall not other again.

You try and get people motivated to help and then are sorely let down.



I paid a tax bill via CHAPS through my bank and a month later received a letter from the H.M.R. & Customs claiming I have not paid and that payment is late and I do wonder WTF the tax office is playing at when they are CLEARLY incompetent - to have lost a sizeable amount of money and now claim it is still owing.

How on Earth does this country survive when the tax office is that incompetent.

Try phoning to sort it out and I was on hold for over 30 minutes and then get someone who checks the computer to see I am fully up to date and the letter was a mistake - WHICH IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

It turns out thousands of letters were sent out by the tax office and all to people WHO WERE UP TO DATE AND DID NOT OWE A PENNY and all I got after waiting on hold for an age, was the same bland cursory and shallow APOLOGIES FOR THE MISTAKE - and no compensation - nothing for the stress and anxiety caused and fuck all in offering a professional aptitude to business and remember, for every little thing I get wrong, the tax office will penalise me with a charge yet when THEY make the mistake it is up to us to write in and complain - making even MORE work for the customer to get them to do their fucking job correctly.



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