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Male Nudes October 4th 2020

Someone had a moan at me this week for only showing guys with big willies and rarely any older men and I had to say that - given the choice, when watching porn, you do not want to see tiny teeny willies. It may be unfair. It may seem cruel, but that is the way it is. It is not always easy to find older guys and / or smaller dicked guys photographed, so thanks to Denny S. who sent me some of these.

If you have a small dick, makes absolutely no difference - as long as it works, then make love to your dick, get to know what it can - and cannot do and what you can, and cannot do with it, and explore your body and to hell with what others think.

Many of the biggest men I knew when I was an escort, had teeny willies while skinny short queens had the biggest dicks imagineable. It seems, there is nothing fair in the world of who does and who does not, get a decent sized willy.

So here are a few smaller willies and a few older men ... take your pick and do share with me who your favourite in this weeks choice is ...


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