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Man arrested over ' murder' at Michael Barrymore's home in 2001

Police arrest man, 50, over 'indecent assault and murder' of 31-year-old Stuart Lubbock who died after being found unconscious in swimming pool at Michael Barrymore's home in 2001

  1. Stuart Lubbock, 31, died at the home of entertainer Michael Barrymore in 2001

  2. Police launched a murder and indecent assault investigation following his death

  3. Essex Police say a 50-year-old man has been arrested in relation to investigation.

Detectives have arrested a man over the death of Stuart Lubbock, who died at the home of entertainer Michael Barrymore 20 years ago.

Essex Police said the man, 50, who has not been named, was arrested 'in connection with the indecent assault and murder of Stuart Lubbock'.

Butcher Mr Lubbock ( right ), 31, had been attending a party at Barrymore's luxury home in the Essex village of Roydon with eight other people on March 31, 2001.

Barrymore was criticised for leaving his home soon after Mr Lubbock was found floating in the outside pool.

The 68-year-old former television presenter - who became a household name for shows such as Strike It Lucky - has always denied involvement in the death.

A post-mortem examination showed Mr Lubbock had suffered severe internal injuries which suggested he had been sexually assaulted.

Alcohol, ecstasy and cocaine were found in his bloodstream.


John Bellamy Comments: I feel desperately sorry for everyone involved. It appears that Mr. Lubbock attended a party at a famous mans house, took drugs, got drunk, had sex and then drowned in the pool.


We all heard various thoughts and ideas as to what had happened and as far as I am concerned the idea that Mr. Lubbock suffered severe internal injuries which suggested he had been sexually assaulted, was because he had probably been fist fucked and this is not something you do lightly or is forced upon you - if it was - you sure as hell would not be taking a dip in the pool after that - UNLESS - you had enjoyed it before and knew what you were doing.

Over the years - hundreds of children have been taken from their parents by overzealous Social Services after an examination on the childs butt hole which ' supposedly ' shows if the child has been sexually molested and in most cases where children have been taked from their parents, it later turns out the child had diarrhoea - nothing else - and families have been destroyed and childrens lives irreparably damaged by ' do gooder' social services - over reacting and simply GETTING IT WRONG.

Michael Barrymore- left. Maybe the same thing happened here. It seems during a drug fueled sex party - and who hasn't been to one of them - tragically while on drugs and during a break in the proceedings, fell into - or decided to take a swim and for some reason got into difficulty and drowned while no one was around.

So very tragic and a waste of a young life, - any life.

Classifying it as murder is a bit full on and while it was Michael Barrymore's party, he was - as far as anyone knows, not responsible - but because of his ridiculous behaviour in running away and hiding in a local pub bedroom, as reported, and by simply running away - being a famous person many - like me - who always disliked him anyway - a man clearly is desperate need of some very serious and long term therapy - the public turned on him and the police LOVE destroying the rich and famous ( look at what happened to Cliff Richards ) and after 20 years - TWENTY YEARS PEOPLE - HOW SLOW A CRAWL DO THE POLICE MOVE AT - TWENTY YEARS - they now arrest a man who attended the party for murder.

That would mean it was deliberate.

All of this is speculation and what the gossip was through the gay scene at the time, as you know how gay men - like many women - love a gossip and when about a famous person no one liked, it goes viral.

This is a tragic case for all and while I could never stand Michael Barrymore, I do feel his life has been destroyed completely and he has become the poster boy for someone everyone wants to hate. I feel desperately sorry for him and before you scream ' what about the guy who was killed ' well naturally I feel for him but he is dead so he doesn't give a toss how anyone feels, it is more about his family who cannot accept the fact their son was gay and at a gay sex party and have pushed the police over the years to investigate what was clearly an accident, and arresting anyone for murder is questionable at best.

Especially twenty years after the fact.

So does this mean we will see arrests of the police who fucked up at Hillsborough ?

Tragic for all concerned. Truly tragic.



Michael Barrymore: - A personal story. John Bellamy

Decades ago I was in a gay bar off Oxford Street ( I forget its name ) and it had a live drag act on stage singing and joking with the audiance, and we all knew Michael Barrymore was in the audiance - as he was not shy at showing himself. All of a sudden he ran on stage, grabbed the mike from the drag queen, pushed her to one side and said into the mike -

'You don't want this shit, you deserve some good entertainment'

To which the drag queens mouth fell open is horror and the audiance - EVERY SINGLE PERSON started to LOUDLY BOOOOOOO and some even threw ashtrays on stage at him and as the booing grew intense and loud, he swore and threw the mike down and ran away - left the bar - and everyone cheered.

The expression about everyone being allowed their 15 minutes of fame, seems to have meant to Michael Barrymore that he has the right to grab attention for himself even though NOT in the spot light and no matter who is on stage, he will ALWAYS try and upstage and show off and get a laugh at the other persons expense and all to grab attention for himself.

This man is desperately a child, an attention seeker, someone who was clearly ignored as a child and so now must MAKE everyone pay him attention and this kind of mind just repells me - absolutely pushes me far far away - as his mental health, his needs and his demands for attention make me want to puke as it comes at everyone elses expense.

He didn't care about the drag queen on stage and how she might feel being pushed off stage in this manner.

He never thought about the hurt and the pain he inflicted on that person that day and he never considered the time and dedication the drag queen went to to put on the act - or how this is how she earns her living - and he thought it okay to push her off stage, grab the mike, tell us all the act was shit and how he was going to rescue the evening with some propper entertainment - and that arrogance - that ego mania, that utter and complete contempt for others - is why he is in trouble today, as he simply does not see anything beyond his own little blinkered view of reality - and that reality is solely and completely - just like Trump - tobsessed with it being all about himself and absolutely not a living soul else. It is all about Michael Barrymore.

Where does a famous person go from there ?

What do you do ? How do you earn a living ? How does life continue when everyone in the country knows who you are - has an opinion ( like me here ) and gossip surrounding your life all about the death of a young hansome man ?

Twenty years later.

When can you 'move on ' when things keep dragging you back ? Where do you go from there ?



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