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GOP 2020 Senate Nominee Falsely Claims the Equality Act Will ‘Illegalize Jesus Christ’

Right-wing activist Lauren Witzke appeared on “The Alex Jones Show” Thursday, where she warned that the Equality Act will “illegalize Jesus Christ” if it becomes law.

9-Year-Old Pens Mic Drop Note To Gay Couple After They Got Hateful Letter From Homophobe

A gay couple was sent a homophobic letter after appearing on local television for xLGBTQ+ Pride month. As hateful as it was, a second letter from an accepting nine-year-old lifted their spirits.

In Alderney, England Dits Preece and his partner Allen received an anonymous letter about their appearance at the Alderney Pride event earlier in June. The letter had an enormous amount of errors and wasn't signed with any name or return address. ( This is reported from Alderney in the channel isles and there are 1,800 alcaholics clinging to a rock - is what they say about the people of Alderney. )

Man becomes the 'first in the world' to vertically BREAK his penis.

Warning! This story may be a distressing read for approximately 50% of the UK population.

A man from the UK has become the first in the world to break his penis vertically.

Luckily for men across the Britain, and the world, this injury is very uncommon.

5 million Brits given AstraZeneca jab could be blocked from EU

The concern comes this summer because their AstraZeneca vaccines are reportedly not recognised by the EU.

Some vaccine jabs are not recognised in the EU it has been claimed and AstraZeneca jabs administered in the UK currently do not qualify for the EU’s passport scheme as they were manufactured in India.illion Brits given AstraZeneca jab could be blocked from EU holidays

A British ex-pat who was arrested in Singapore for refusing to wear a face covering on the train appeared in court today without a mask.

Father-of-two Benjamin Glynn, 39, received one count of failing to wear a mask without reasonable excuse, one count of public nuisance and one count of using threatening words towards a public servant.

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